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Hi, im 14 and recently ive been under a wholleee lota depression. Gosh everytime i talk about it i feel like crying. Im so pathetic. Well im here to seek some help, guidance, information and i will write this out the best way as i can and with all my heart. About 2 months ago, i was elbowed in my right eye bone, where my temple is and a little off to the side as well. I dont remember anything happening, because i was elbowed during a basketball game and it was a cruicial game so i didnt tell anyone. I played till my head hurted and well it was gone within 20 minutes or so. But that night i felt a LARGE bump there and i was scared because i didnt tell anyone, i put ice on it that whole night and the next morning it got better, no pain, just a nice bump. I`m soo freakn sscared now that i may have something wrong. School started as little as a month ago and ive had short term memory loss, i can`t memorize anything in class. Is it because im new and it`s HIGH SCHOOL? There isn`t anything different from high school and junior high. Just casual stuff and surroundings but im so depressed. Could it be from the bump on my right temple near my eye? btw, my left eye vision is worse than my left eye. Could it be from the bump as well? I was THIS close to asking my optmetrist but im one of those peolpe who don`t take all the opportunities thats being given to me. I wished i had asked him...should i tell my parents about this? If i do, they will think that im just being lazy, not working hard, and just goofing off at school WHICH IM NOT...i dont have the urge to TRY or the WILL to carry on in school any more. I get sidetracked easily and get the feeling that tehres something wrong with the bump on my temple. Is this dangerous to get hit in the temple? A lot of nerves are there and it may have triggered my depression nerve (if there is one) I know 14..teen years teen drama theres lots of reasons in high school to be depressed right? It may seem that i carry a happy life but behind this smile theres nothing but pain, suffering, and deep thoughts about just random stuff. I hate it . I don`t have any symptoms of like anything, but what should i tell them? Im feeling depressed and having short term memory? Should i get CT scan or something? Im just lost, and i feel like dying..i don`t feel like living any more and i feel worried, scared, alone, angry, and very very depressed which is sooooooo not me. I get straight A`s in class last year now that progress reports are being handed out, im failing half my classes. I feel lazy, tired, and just overall sick of this stupid life. I know this isn`t something severe based on the stories ive read here but i don`t want to keep these thoughts on the back of my mind any longer. I hate keeping thoughts on the back of my mind... please guide me on what to do. I pray to god for him to guide me every night i guess he lead me to this site, im just praying for an answer for all of us sufferers out there. <3 godlostchild.

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