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i also have a horners eye,Mine was caused by spinal cord damage due to a surgery to the inside of my spinal cord.You DEFINETLY have something that is affecting your sympathetic chain somewhere as this is the only way at your age that this would occur.You are being sent for all of those scans so they can determine just what is actually affecting your you have any sort of c spine or t1 problems in your spinal column or in the cord?The C 8 nerve area(you do not have a c 8 vertebrae but you DO have a c 8 nerve)is kind of a 'junction" area where alot of various nerves kind of pass thru.this is the area where my surgery was done.I developed horners in my L eye about two and a half weeks after while i was in also have a sympathetic chain that runs along the outside(bothsides) of your entire vertabral column(i do believe that it actually stops right before the sacrum).only testing to find the actual culprit will really tell you what is going on here.Do you have ANY and i mean ANY other symptoms anywhere?i only say anywhere as being that the actual SNS runs through and governs so many different areas you can have some strange symptom or occurance of something that you would not really relate to it but it can be another symptom.could you provide me with a bit more medical hx on yourself?i will try and help as much as I can.Horners itself is not in anyway life threatening of altering,it is just a symptom of something going on with your SNS.Besides what you stated as symptoms of your horners,have you noticed a change in sweating on the facial area as well?you will only actually sweat on one side of your face.Really wierd but harmless.marcia

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