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Some advice please
Oct 21, 2005
Here goes my list of symptoms. For about 5 years now I have been dizzy with pressure in my head. The left side of my face and neck will go numb along with a pressure/clogged type feeling in my left ear. I used to have these symptoms for a while and then they would disappear for a while. They get really bad around the time of my period. Anyway, I have been to numerous doctors, neurologists, ents, cardiologists. Also to the dentist and eye doctors. All have found nothing except for one neurologist that said I had a
congenital absence of part of my cerebellum, and that he is surprised that I am doing as good as I am. But apparently that other part of my brain overcompensated for the missing part and took over. He said that it should not be giving me problems now. Anyway, it's back with a vengence now. I have really bad headaches along with this. And lately I have noticed tingling in my left arm. Also, this sounds really weird, but I can see my body parts moving but sometimes I cant feel them move. It's like I'm not in my body.
My eyes are twitching a lot, and I have blurry vision, but my eye doctor said that my eyes are not changing. I just went to him about 3 weeks ago.
What should I do now. I'm thinking about going to Duke Hospital, since I live
in South Carolina, and it's not that far away. Our doctors are good, but I think that they are better at Duke. Do you think another neurologist would
be a good idea? I have three kids, and can't take care of them easily right now. And I hate letting them down. Please give me some advice.

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