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Hello, ive been searching the internet for answers for my condition but there does not seem to be any clear answers i hope someone hear may have an idea.

How the Pain started

August 23rd I started suffering from a head (mainly) and neck pain this came after a trip to the Theme Park (did not hit my head hard anywhere but did feel some pressure in one of rides when it went upside down 9 times) furthermore i did drive for 7 hours and was really tired (forcing myself to keep my eyes opened).


I have had a non stop headache around my head for the last 9/10 weeks from a scale of 1-10 the pain does occasionally go down to 6 and then back up to 9.

The symptoms are pain/pressure around my eyes, forehead, top of my head and around it. (doc said i dont have a fever temp is 35 ish, although it feels like I got one).

When i sit in a car and it goes around the corner i can feel pressure around my head, when i move my eyes i also have pain at the back of my head.

There also a very slight feeling in my cheeks/top of my nose and whenever I move my head or my eyes it cause pain at the back of my head.

Breathing through my nose also cause pain. Most of the pain is located at near my forehead and back of the eyes.

Tried all variety of medication nothing has been any difference.
Antibiotics/Pain killers

I actually had my CT today but wont get the results for a couple of days, any ideas what could be wrong? b4 this happened i had np in eating, played regular sports.... eye sight is fine got that checked out too.

many thanks

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