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Hello there I have joined these forums in hope of some advice. I am scared as to what could be wrong with me and if it is something serious, I am waiting on a doctors appointment but I'm hoping you guys could help me also. Let me explain....

A few months ago I was camping with my dad wearing a cap. I was walking about normally when I felt a sharp pain in my head, it was quite similar to an electric shock ie. it wasn't direct pain but more of a spasm in my head (sorry it's so hard to describe). Well anyways my dad and I thought I'd been stung by a bee or wasp or something and we forgot about it. happened again, today in fact. At school, in class with not a single flying insect to be seen. Asides from the fact that it is winter (not many stinging insects about), I felt the pain a bit differently this time. It seemed more 'inside my head' than out, and wasn't as painful but still hurt a lot (I was crying the first time), but I immediately knew it was the same feeling from last time, (and happened in the same place on my head). As you can imagine this has worried me a lot, and I am paranoid wondering what has caused the shocklike 'zap' in my head.

As I said I'm waiting on a doctors appointment but I would like some help in the mean-time. Any suggestions as to what can cause such a pain would be useful in helping me.


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