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Re: Head pressure
Jan 11, 2006
i seriously doubt that this is anything life threatening,really,so stop worrying about that,okay??what you first described sounded more akin to muscle tension which is really really a common culprit in headaches and pressure from the tension in the muscles.what you next described sounds as though it could be a c spine related problem.anyone can have problems with their spine as the normal wear and tear and any even 'small" type of injurioes that you could have sustained when you were younger that really didn't show themselves til you did 'something'to help them to show could have moved wrong but in your case given the fact that you stated you are overwieght,this really could be the biggest trigger for this,all that extra wieght you have been carrying over time can cause alot of stress on your vertebrae and when it has had enough,it WILL show itself,possibly in the way your feeling right now.I would definitely speak with your doc about this and he can refer you for some radiologic tests such as even a plain x ray would possibly show something out of alignment and even spurring on the actual vertebrae which can cause alot of pain and other MRI really would be the ideal way to really get the best possible look into the deeper soft tissue structures of your actual spinal column and the cord itself.something could be out of place in there or pushing against specific nerves or nerve would be in your best intersest to look into this with your doc.the symptoms you are describing really sound more c spine related or even just muscle tension.the chances of this being brain related really are minimal at best,K? but please see your doc about this.let me know how things go.Marcia

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