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Brain hurts?
Jan 24, 2006
I have been having pain in my head for a few months now. It isn't a headache.

It is just a sharp pain about 2-3 inches behind my left ear and 2-3 inches up. It feels like someone is burning my brain with a lit cigarette like they hold it on my brain for 1-3 seconds then take it off. The pain is sharp then fades quickly and it is always always in the exact same spot. Pain peeks about 2-3 then fades to 0 in a matter of seconds (on a 1-10 scale). It seams to happen in spurts during the day. Sometimes it will come on and happen every 1-5 minutes or so for 1-2 hours and sometimes it just happens a few times sometimes many and sometimes I can go nearly all day without feeling anything. It seams varied in time never the same times of day just random. It is also varied in my activities it just comes on whenever and whatever I am doing. Sometimes its more painful just like betting burned with a cigarette sometimes its less painful. The pain does not feel deep in my brain but under my skull or on the surface of my brain. It is always in the exact same spot. I don't have any ear pain or jaw pain and my hearing is perfectly fine on that side.

Its been like this for about three months now and I did go two weeks with nearly no pain at all in the middle. I don't have any neurological defects such as vision, coordination, or sensation problems at all. I have been trying to tell myself its just stress. I also try and tell myself its just muscle spasms in my head or some kind of cluster headache or tension headache. There are times where I am totally relaxed no stress in the least and it will come on. I can deal with pain very well I have a very high tolerance. I have a low threshold for frustration though and I am really getting frustrated over it now.

Any ideas? Should I go see a doctor soon? Next week I am going to see a dermatologist for wart freezing and an eye doctor for kerataconous.

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