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Thanks for the replies.

I have been to the doctor since (actually last Monday) - he is very dismissive of the symptoms which, in all honesty, don't quite have the same intensity or frequency about them.

He said that I could go privately to have a second opinion if I liked. But he said that there was no need.

He asked me what was still going on - I said the vice-like grip for seconds/minutes around and above my ears and my jaw. I have also had temporary noises in my ears and pain in my shoulders and neck, but nothing persistent or sustained. There has been some sporadic dizziness/light-headedness also.

I mentioned brain tumour and he said you would know if you had it - severe persistent headache, double vision, loss of balance, personality changes on a massive scale...etc.

He also ruled out neck/back problems through bad posture over the years in work and stress (which I mentioned to him).

In any case, I still don't feel right though I have been very busy in work for the last 3- 6 months...perhaps its work-related...but them again it really came on me towards Christmas.

I had a telephone call from the surgery the day after to say that (as I had amended my home address to a different county) I would need to register with a doctor in that county. Cheek!

I will register with a doctor in my area...should I take my problems to him?

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