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Since the middle of December, I have been suffering a variety of symptoms which have concerned me. Originally, it was pressure in my head, which could come on at any time - firstly, it was like a band across my head and would last for anything up to 30 seconds - 1 minute. I have also had sporadic pressure and pain above my ears and in my ears, but I have also had one or two shooting pains in my temple and at the back of my head. The pressure is best described a vice-like.

During Christmas, I could turn my head sharply and feel quite dizzy; I get a little dizzy when I walk and it feels like my legs are going to cross when I'm I walking.

I went to see my doctor after Christmas - he gave me a full health check - eyes/head/chest/neck since I had been there for over 10 years. He reckoned it was a virus and said to give it a couple of weeks or so to clear. He said I was in perfect health!

I was happy with the diagnosis until the pressure continued, but also it manifested itself, especially during the afternoon with dull headaches, especially after walking during my lunch hour in work.

For two weeks I then suffered with indigestion which has since gone - perhaps I was getting so anxious to bring on these symptoms.

I am also getting colours in front of my eyes for no apparent reason - this is now and again. I have also had momentary pains in my legs and lower arm.

At first I thought I had a bit of anxiety, then I thought I should go and see an optician as I use the computer at work all the time. I also thought it was my posture at work.

I am conscious of this all the time now and have been meaning to go back to the doctor - any ideas?

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