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I have a couple of weird symptoms, and went to see a nurse and a doc about it, but they fond nothing of value. I'm wondering if anyone in here had any ideas about what direction I could investigate to find out what it could be...

A couple weeks ago, for about 10 days, my hands would constantly start to tingle, and within seconds I could lose most of my feeling in them. For two days I also had this in my tongue and toes. I went to see our school nurse for that, and she suspected Carpal Tunnel, but she also said you don't have CT in all your fingers, and certainly not in your toes, so that was a wrong guess. She sent me a physician, but he just did a general check and blood test and did not find anything. He said if the symptoms persist I should see a neurologist, but they stopped the day after I saw the doc, so I didn't.

Since then I have had these weird headaches I have never had before. They feel like just one point in my head hurting, and they're not as extreme as my usual headaches... it's really weird.
And then there's this thing that kind of scares me. Twice I've had out of the blue dizziness like as if I were very drunk (although completely sober). Once it happened in class (and I'd had breakfast and all, so no circulation problems), and once it happened tonight while reading in bed, and it lasted for at least an hour, getting better only very slowly.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I am anxious to see a physician because my insurance barely pays for anything, and I'm afraid they will do some really expensive stuff to find out what it is and I'll have to pay for it myself... and I don't even know if it is anything pathological anyway - maybe those things are not related at all and mean nothing... :confused:

I should add that I am relatively sure it is not a tumor of any kind, because I had to have my entire body checked for tumors last summer, and they only found a couple benign tumors in my hip. But I should mention that my uncle died at 38 from an aneurism in his brain after having a stroke. That's why I'm kind of worried about this whole stuff. It's probably nothing, but I don't feel comfortable about it all.

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