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Recently I put on a pair of headphones, with one speaker over my left ear and the other just off behind my right ear (not on the ear so I could listen to people around me talking). I positioned that right speaker so it was just behind where the ear touches the head. After about 10 minutes, I noticed an increasing sharp pain on the inside of the top of my head, and it was getting pretty bad, along with dizziness. I had no idea what was causing it until 20 minutes later, when I took off the headphones and noticed instantly that the pain started going away. Apparently the right headphone that was resting behind my ear was pressing against and blocking a vein or artery (unsure about the anatomy there). I was wondering if the cut off blood supply could damage part of my brain while I had the headphones on? They were the kind of headphones that have leather-like padded speakers about the size of the entire ear, and were very snug. I'll make sure never to do it again but I'm just very uneasy and worried about what kind of dammage it might have caused, if anything.

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