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:) Hello Jenonastar,

Yes I to have burning all over my head. It usually happens about an hour after I lay down to sleep. I wake up with horrible burning all over my head and if I lay there it will go into my back, chest and down my arms. The other night my head was burning and then went numb. If I get up out of bed the burning starts to go away. I had an MRI of the brain which was normal Thank God. I also had an MRI of the C-spine which showed a mild bulging disc at C5-6 and T1-2 and mild degenerative disc disease. My doc does not think that is the cause of my symptoms. I am seeing a Neurologists on May 10th. It has been horrible. I was on sleeping pills and muscle relaxers but do not want to become addicted to the sleeping pills so my doc put me on desyrel to help me relax and night and sleep. It is not addicting like a sleeping pill. I hope it works I take it tonight for the first time. Well I sure hope you are okay. Let me know.

ventcrew :angel:
Hello momforthecure,

I have a boat load of symptoms similar to your daughter. If you advance search my name (ventcrew) you can read my posts. I have been going through this for almost 2 years. They still can not find out what is wrong with me except for minor things. I think it is coming from my cervical/thoracic area. I know that it is nerve pain. I get burning, numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain from my chest up. I have intercranial hypertension. The doctors do not know if that is causing my nerve pain or if what is causing my nerve pain is causing my intercranial hypertension. I am now going back and forth to the university of michigan. I am doing better but if I do to much with my arms I get bad. Does anything seem to bring it on for your daughter.? What tests has she had done. What seems to help? Motrin works the best for me and heat and cold. Good Luck to you.


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