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I am at my wits end. My head feels so bad that I get bad thoughts about not wanting to live like this. I get a crawling feeling , like when u hit your funny bone , in the back of my head over and around my left ear. It then spreads around my scalp to my temple. Sometimes this is accompanied by slight chest discomfort and nasuea. I have had 2 cat scans one with contrast and one without and last september I had an MRI without contrast. All were said to be normal. All my labs at the hospital ER the other day were fine as well as chest x-rays and the cat scan. The only problem they saw was my blood pressure was up at 163/100 and then went down as time went on and my face is red a lot but I seriously doubt that is why I am getting this weird feeling in my head. But something is being missed , this crawling skin feeling and pressure and pains in my head are unbelieveable. I start sweating too at times when this happens. I took a paxil last night for the first time and i am sure thats probably not helping right now as I know that makes your head feel weird for a week or so until you get used to it. I have a neurologist appointment on wednesday morning. What should I tell him and does anyone have a clue what this might be. Its like deep pins and needles in my head that progresses to pressure and pain and slight nasuea and slight dizzyness. I feel helpless , after having normal scans and mri I cant understand why this is happening to me.


ALSO a lot of the time I seem to get twitches around both my eyes when this is happening. Its very annoying , my eyelids or the skin around my eyes starts twitching on its own.

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