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I went to see a neuro-opthamalogist last week and I have been so angry since that I just need to vent. After examining my eyes he told me "You have miminmal loss of perefial vision in your right eye, as for the odd sensations in your head, they have been happening for 4 1/2 years I doubt it is anything that will kill you. Come back in 6 months and we will check your vision again" I was so stunned I couldn't think of what to say (my brain is working sooo slow these days) First off if it was his vision would he concider 5% "miminamal"? or perhaps if I was a man? This doctor came highly recomended by an aquantance who he said "saved his life and vision" As for the odd sensations not going to kill me, maybe I should have got that in writing or perhaps he could speak at my eulogy?
What about trying to find the cause of the loss instead of waiting to see if I lose more? I am just so tired of seeing neuros (he was about the 7th) that I don't think I can bare to do it anymore. If it wasn't for my primary doctor being a godsend and telling me she believes me and wants to keep investigating and testing till we find out what is wrong, I think I would give up entirely. I see her next week.
I did a little research and I am going to ask her to do pituitary testing as a cyst there can cause many of the symptoms I have (I have had or currently have cysts in my breast, hand, foot, sinus, and ovary) and are hard to detect on MRI and must have special MRI, blood, and urine test to see if it is functioning properly.
My symptoms:
1)Odd sensation in head, feels like waves or ripples, can vary in degree to mild to knock me over and lose my balance
2) vision disturbance, mostly perefial, but I can see "stains"
on objects and then it disappears, blurry vision and rays from light colored objects
3) stabbing pains, like someone jabbed me, can be anywhere on the body last for a day in same area.
4)acne, after 43 years of good skin, last 3 months face has been spotted with red spots that sometimes come to a head (not all of them just some)
5) cognitive problems, have a hard time thinking of words (but can usually know what letter it starts with)
6) tried for ten years to have another child but was unable even though husband checked out okay.
7) and many more that I can't think of right now.
If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate any feed back.
Thank you all for the help I have received in the past.

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