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I posted earlier with left face and head numbness so I'll tell you what I've found out so far. No. one the ENT said what I had was not numbness put PARASTHESIAS....My face, one side, is not so much numb as has a tight feeling. Just like you cut my head in half. From my forehead to my chin and behind the ear. I just had a CT scan and my sinus's were clear and no sign of tumors. I'm off to an Neurologest for an MRI. The tests are different and will show different things. The MRI is better for brain tissue. I have NO pain. This started after some sort of a viral infection which was misdiagnosed as Broncitis. I had a lot of fatigue and little else. Some congestion but not many more symptoms. Just fatigue and then the parasthesis hit. It's been three months and from all my reading I think I have a nerve irritation caused from a virus. It's effecting the trigiminal nerve and hopefull will go away eventually. It's more pronounced and feels worse when my heart rate is elevated as in exercise. I get a bit of a headache but nothing one Tylanol won't cure. It may just be a fluke. I also went to the dentist and had an extensive exam of teeth, jaw and roots of teeth....Good luck...My husband says I'm a half wit. :jester:
Im also haveing these probloms im a 23 male
For the past 5 days my neck and whole right side of my face has been numb there is no pain just numbness and tightness and it makes it difficult to swallow ??? i dont understand i dont know if iv strained it an its causing this? of if i damaged a nerve? or what? but its very scary! and frustrating i cant feel myself swallow on that side and when i move my jaw its like its very stiff and numb on the whole side if my face im also lightheaded and dizzy when i bend my head side to side And i feel like im in a fog or a dream or something im very out of it all day i dont know what this could be i know iv been to the docs before for this a long time ago but it was not as bad and they said it was nothing they ran test and everything so I have no clue what this could be ?? I know I lifted something heavey about 4 days ago and after that all this started happening so that could be what it is but still i dont know how to treat it? i dont have any pain at all just severe numbness in the whole right side of my face,neck,ear,jaw,throat,nose and head along with lightheadedness and dizziness and hard to swallow!?????....Somebody please tell me what this could be?

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