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I am very worried about these feelings of everything going way to fast. Like everything just speeds up to hyperspeed and I can't control when or where its going to happen it just does.
I sometimes get this pressure feeling at the back of my skull on the right side of my head. I can't tell if its my skull or inside my brain.
My ears always always ring they never stop.
I am worried because I had another attack after many many years, about 5 years of being symptom free right after I went in to my gastroenterologist for a endoscopy/colonoscopy and he gave me a versed conscious sedation. He said its like a hypnotic drug where I'm awake but I don't remember what went on.
Its like the medicine triggered these symptoms or attacks to start all over again.
I am 32 now, I've been living with these feelings for about 15 years now. I figured it its going to kill me it would have happened by now so this can't be a life threatening condition. I hope.
What worries me is that I am probably going to have to have my gallbladder removed soon and if the medicines I was given for sedation for my endoscopy and colonoscopy how am I going to react to general anesthesia?
How can I explain my fears to my doctor when I don't even have a diagnosis of what this is?
I just want these feelings to stop. I get soooo scared and no one understands me. I try to explain my symptoms to my husband but he doesn't have any idea how I feel it is so scary. Especially when you go to the doctor hoping for a diagnosis and they don't have the slightest clue whats wrong either.

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