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hi all,

thanks for taking the time of reading my post. I've just received the results of a brain MRI and MRA with and w/o contrast.

Thanks God the MRI came back normal. But the MRA reads something that I don't understand:


- Dominant right vertebral artery
- Some attenuation of the left vertrebal artery before forming the basilar artery
- Drop of signal noted at the petrous part of the carotid arteries but with contrast not well appreciated
- Anterior cerebral, posterior cerebrals and middle cerebral arteries are unremarkable
- No gross pathology noted in the circle of Willis
- Unremarkable sagittal sinus
- Some asymmetry of the transverse sigmoid sinus with dominant seen on the right side in comparison to the left
- Unremarkable straight sinus
- Unremarkable cortical veins

I'm a non-native speaker of English, so this looks like ASP for me :D

My sympotms: persistent pressure headache for more than 3 months, nausea, sometimes vomiting, VERY VERY bad fatigue and tiredness, sometimes high BP, I feel my pulses in my head, I can count them from my head. The pulses are sometimes painful. These symptoms didn't start together, the headache > high BP > nausea and vomiting > fatigue and tiredness. So far, I don't care about my headache, I can take it, but what is killing me is the fatigue. Received many treatment, NONE helped at all, beta-blockers, NSAID's, anti-nausea, anti-depressents. As of now, I do NOT want any diagnosis, all what I want is a RELIEF.

Any idea?

I will see my neuro in a week.

Thanks all

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