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[QUOTE=feelbad]just what type of gas plant do you work in? is there any and i mean any,chance that you could have possibly been exposed to some sort of "bad" chemical there/have they ever had any sort of a haz mat type leak situation there that you were possibly exposed to something?

[B][I]This is a very good theory. Never thought of it. I will mention it to my neuro. Well, i'm not sure if that is too technical or not, but our gas plant receives "crude" natural gas, that comes from gas wells, it contains a very bad, toxic, deadly, and corrosive substance which is hydrogen sulfide (H2S, many people in my company died because of leaks). So we have to separate it from our feed and further process the "clean" gas. So the idea of a possible exposure to this gas can be the key solution, because the gas generaly contains hydrocarbons which are somewhat "friendly". I will discuss it with my neuro. For your information, when a human inhales this gas, it starts corroding the organs and damages the nerves. Exposure to high concentration of H2S results in sudden death.[/I][/B]

just something to check into.ya know,the fact that everything came up 'normal" with your testing,i am a bit suprised that your neuro wants to move you on to a urologist,unless he has some specific reason/test in mind for you.There are meds out there made specifically for nausea,i am kind of suprised that your neuro hasn't mentioned one to least you wont feel like tyou are going to puke 24/7,ya know?

[B][I]well, he wants to refer me to a urologist for the flank pain, not for my current headache problem. So he still wants to see me from time to time. He prescribed me some meds for ulcers i think, because NSAID's can cause them, as a preventive measure. I will discuss it with him, because the way i described the nasuea didn't get his attention, i'm one of those patients who don't talk and don't ask, big mistake i know.[/I] [/B]

having to be dependant on a pill for ten days or ten years or the rest of your life,is not the end of the son(because of liver failure and tx)has had to be on multiple meds for many years,its just part of his daily stuff he does and no big deal.I too am on about five seperate meds just to try and control my overwhelming pain syndromes and to treat my brain aneurysm.if these improve your life in some way,it IS worth it,ya know?if my son decided he just didn't want to let meds rule his life anymore,he would be dead.they DO improve your quality of life and in some cases,allow you to actually live a normal life.

[B][i] i didn't mean what you are thinking of, what i mean by being "dependent" is being addictive to the drug. Anyways, obivously i will not, because the voltarine is not working, actually my headache is getting worse. I absolutely have no problem being on a drug for the rest of my life if that helps. And i'm sorry for your son. [/i][/B]

I know the thought of "something' having any control over you kinda sucks but you have to look at the lessor of the two evils,you know what I mean/If I went off my meds,I would be curled up in a ball in my bed and would never be able to leave it just from the pain and the horrid spasticity that came along for the ride when my spinal cord was really is no biggie.

you might want to consider changing neuros.what prompted you to seek out a neuro for this problem to begin with?maybe the uro that your neuro wants to send you to will have some ideas on just whats up.obviously something is going on but unfortunetly,as you are finding out,its not always easy to pinpoint just what the problem is.i do know that feeling well myself.but you need to know what is causing your symptoms,espescially the nausea.vomiting all the time can cause its own set of problems,such as dehydration.make sure you are drinking alot of water thru out your day.

[B][i] i saw him because of my headache, which is like a pressure feeling more than a pain feeling. Sometimes it gets painful, but most of the time it's a strong pressure inside my head,it really annoys me, it disturbs me, but never made me stop working, but this time i'm thinking of having a week off because it's getting really bad this time. i also constantly feel my heart beats, sometimes they are painful but most of the time they are not. The urologist thing was because i told him about the flank pain, he wanted me to see a uro for this problem, but he still wants to see me from time to time. I'm scheduled for an appt in two weeks, apparently i will try to make it this week. [/i][/B]

I hope you can find out the reason for you ongoing symptoms,also,ask your neuro for something for the vomiting.there are alot of good anti nausea meds availiable to you.please keep me posted,marcia[/QUOTE]

thanks for caring marcia, you are the first and the only person in this world, besides my neuro who understands what i'm going through.

He is really nice, he understands and listens, he pushes me for everything. I swear i have never seen a doctor like him.

and i swear also i have never seen someone like you :)

thank you


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