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[QUOTE=RavenRoquelaure]I was diagnosed with a CVA or stroke on Mar 31 of this year. Now the doctor's not too sure it was a stroke. Could my CVA be related to the calcium deposits in the blood vessels in my brain? I was diagnosed with these a few years ago. Please help me. My doctor won't even let me ask him about it. I have numbness and weakness in my right leg still and difficulty writing and typing. The left side of my head has not stopped hurting since the incident. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?[/QUOTE]

Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D is a great healer of nerve cells. I take it to combat muscle and nerve damage from statin use and it has subsided a lot of the pain and weakness.

Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D ...should all be taken [B]together [/B]. It's most important to take together to get the most benefit of each. And the ratio should be 2:1 - meaning the dosage of calcium should be higher then the dosage of Magnesium. Vitamin D works with both to get the most nutrient.

Be Well!

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