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Tramatized thanks . thanks to all who have replied to my post . anyway Tramatized what form of herpes causes the mystery neuological problems ? also what did your doctor.. neurosurgeon do for you .. prescribe for you when your diagnosis was finally confirmed ? I have lived with some issues through the years that I know are neuological. was told that I have a panic disorder . also MRI showed that I had a pinched nerve or something .. disk issue .but there is a lot more to it than that I am quite sure ..because of other symptoms . the brain fuzziness . brain fog .. dizziness ,severe back pain . severe leg pain . I was recently diagnosed with having hsv . never would I have thought in a million years could have that . no symtoms really all this time or no obs that I thought to be hsv obs. love if you would share with me your thoughts also .thanks.hope you are feeling some better these days

eUOTE=Traumatized]Hello there,
I had similar symptoms for a long time and it took a while to get to the bottom of it. The head pressure, ear pain, jaw pain, sore neck due to gland swelling, salivary gland swelling, numb hands and feet, joint aches etc...
When I finally got down to the bottom of it, it was the last thing any doctor had thought of testing for...Viruses. I tested positive for 6 Herpes viruses of which about 4 were active and I am still battling with it. I now have additional eye pain and trigeminal nerve pain...nobody can begin to imagine what it is like unless they have it. Doctors brush people away with viral problems and underestimate their symptoms. CFS is caused by Herpes and a lot of mystery neurological problems end up being caused by one form of Herpes.
Anyway, just food for thought. No imaging tests will prove any of this.
Take care[/QUOTE]

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