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hi laurah, i am 20 and i will be 21 in august. i think my problem is different than yours but i do have the fatigue when i speak or read aloud like i said. i always feel like i have to take a deep breath too and i feel like people notice how i always take deep breaths. and then other times my voice sounds like its straining and it does that even with people i am comfortable with. see my problem started 4 years ago after a bad experience after i did some illegal drugs,speed.i have a post about it but i will go ahead and write about it. well one night i was up all night with my friends doing speed. well a while later my heart started racing real fast like it was pounding out of my chest and i was freakin out thinking i was gonna die. ever since that night i have had some symptoms like the breathing and fatigue,i feel like my lungs wont expand all the way, i get pressure in head,numblike feeling around mouth and lips,pressure and discompfort in chest where heart is. everyone keeps telling me i have anxiety but its not like i have an anxiety ATTACK. i feel this way all day everyday. i am a real nervous person too and i think my problem has made it worse. i am so nervous that i can't even drive but i think alot of that is because i am afraid i will have the problem you have where you don't think fast memory is also worse now,and i get stressed and easily agitated alot easier than i use to. i use to be a more patient person and i am not as patient now. i really think i have anxiety but i also think i may have something physical too but who knows. i guess the doctors keep telling you what they tell me,that its anxiety. sometimes i feel like people think i am lying about my problem or that i am crazy.

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