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You might want to get tested for Orthostatic Intolerance. I noted that the onset of many of your symptoms occurs when you are in an upright position (except for the headache that woke you). I would encourage you to do an Internet search on Orthostatic Intolerance and see if anything seems to "ring a bell."

Quick question -- do you ever have episodes of Postural Hypotension? This is when you rise from a squatting, sitting, or lying down position to a stand position and feel like you are going to faint? (Dizziness, darkening/graying of vision, tingling/numbness of face, extremities, rapid heartbeat, etc...)

Most of my symptoms also onset after a period of standing or sitting, making it impossible for me to function at work. I'm currently on short-term disability and the next round of tests I am undergoing are for Orthostatic Intolerance. No, I don't want to have this or any other disease, but I know that this is NOT normal. I DO want a diagnosis so that I can learn to manage and minimize these symptoms and live a normal (whatever normal is), productive life.

Also, I agree that there is a possibility of an acoustic neuroma, and not to scare you, but maybe even an aneurysm. It sounds like there could be a small growth of something putting pressure on some of your cranial nerves. All of your symptoms could be attributed to something like this -- including Orthostatic Intolerance.

PLEASE get a second or even third opinion on your head CT. If you are able, get your hands on your films and take them to a very experienced physician, radiologist, or neurologist who specializes in reading CTs and MRIs of the brain.

I had an MRI and the first physician to review the films totally missed something that was obvious to me when I looked at them myself. I showed it to my GP and he was concerned -- he doesn't know what it is but is having the films re-reviewed by another pair of doctors (I don't know anything yet). This mass is located in an area of my brain where a bunch of cranial nerves live and may be putting pressure on those nerves, causing my symptoms.

Masses and disorders in the area of the brain that cause your kind of symptoms (and mine) are very rare... so rare that some docs may have never seen one on CT and will dismiss anything in that area as a normal variant of normal anatomy (such as asymmetries between your inner ear structures).

In addition to a second or third opinion, you might also want to ask for an MRI and/or MRA of your brain, as they will show a lot more detail than a CT will.

You are NOT crazy... you just don't have a diagnosis yet. :)

Hang in there! {{{HUGZ}}}

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention, if you have Orthostatic Intolerance, it is HIGHLY likely that your BP readings in the doctor's office will look normal, even if you are symptomatic... but this doesn't mean the blood pressure in your brain is normal! Just because your BP in the doctor's office is OK doesn't mean you don't have it... you have to undergo the tests (tilt table, etc) to be sure.

YET ANOTHER EDIT: I also have thyroid disease. That's awful that your GP jacked with your dose!!!!!! Yikes! Question about your thyroid disease? How long ago did your thyroid symptoms appear? How long ago were you diagnosed? I am curious because our symptoms are similar and I too have thyroid disease... maybe we can help each other here. :)

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