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Re: Cyst in brain
Jun 17, 2006
[QUOTE=annieloo]Hi,, I usually post on the ms board.. because all my syptoms seem to point to that.. which is why i went to doc in first place... I have dizziness and fatigue and pain in hips, knees, and arms.. twitching in legs and wierd feelings in head... like chills or static in my head... also bad sinus pain and ear pressure.. I cant sleep at nite because of all the pain in my leg.. all tests so far neg.. brain mri came back showing a small benign cyst in center of brain..nuero says its nothing to worry about and all my symptoms will go away on their own... he doesnt think i have ms... im gonna get another opinion, but just courious if anyone has ever had cysts on the brain and what typer there are.. and if i should be worried or not!! i cant find much info on web.. thanks, annie[/QUOTE]


When I was 19 years old my Papa passed away from a malignant brain tumor. Afer his death, I went through a hypochondria spell thinking I had onealso. So to give me peace of mind, my dr, sent me for a CT scan. I have one of the largest brain cysts that Emory Univeristy Neurosurgeons have ever seen. I was born with it. No symptoms, no problems, no swishing of the brain or pressure, and his exact words were "NOthing to worry about..." This came from one of the top notch Neurosurgeons in the States. So after 18 years ( I am now 37) I do not worry about it. Mine is an arachnoid cyst. It's approx 8 cm large. So yes it is very large. My head (skull) as a child must of grew to capacitate it. I do not think about it anymore. It has fluid in it, usually spinal fluid is whats in the cysts. And mine isn't "connected" to any tissue. So do as your dr said, Do not worry. Of course every time you're head hurts or your leg hurts you are going to "think" its the cyst. God Bless...and Prayers for you!

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