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exactly where ,on that left side did you feel that "pulsation"??i know from time to time,and i haven't a clue as to just why,but i too will feel odd pulsations at some odd spots.for some reason,the blood flow must temporarily increase and you feel that extra force by the pulsating artery.this had nothing to do with my actual blood pressure tho as I did take it several times when this would happen and I was usually right at my norm or even below that.who knows?i am sorry I couldn't be more helpful,but just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one who does get this from time to time.

you know,I don't think i have ever heard of getting an actual tension type headache on only one side of your head at a time?is this always on that same side or has it moved to the opposite side at all?just how severe is the pain and just what exactly does it feel like(dull aching pulsating pounding,you get the idea?).could this possibly be a migrane or is the pain not that excruciating?

a real tension headache usually will start at either the forehead or the back of the neck and kind of feel like a band around your head?it just feels really "tight"?more muscular in nature,you know what I mean?

are you currently seeing a neurologist for these?if not,I would really highly suggest that you do.I don't normally reccomend neurologists much as i think most neurosurgeons are just so very much more knowledgeable about my many neuro nightmares,but in the cases of headaches,this IS the type of doc you really want to be seen by and evaluated by for your headaches,they really speacialize in these more than anything else they really do.I just really find it rather odd to have the type of headache you are having and it really being caused by tension thats all.

what exactly did you mean where you stated at the beginning of your post that "what was described to me as being tension headaches"?? i am just wondering what that means?

i would make an appt with a neuro as soon as possible(it usually takes a while to actually see any actual speacialist of any kind,at least that very first visit anyways)but speak with your primary regarding a referral. you really DO need to find out just what is actually causing these one sided headaches(and that pulsating thing) so they can be treated appropriately.I wish you luck and hope that they can figure this out and take care of them for you,i do know how much just any sort of actual head pain can really kind of destroy your days.let me know what you find out,Marcia

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