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ok i got stuck in the forhead with a beer bottle head on in early nov. i right towards the bridge of nose above my left eyebrow i had a huge bump for weeks and i had a heat ct that showed a slight concussion but no bleeeding i was dizzy and lightheaded for weeks then it went away in late april i started suffering wierd symptoms low blood sugar without diabetes or hypoglycemia out of the blue one day woke up with my right arm numb shook it off///hasnt happened since but lord now i m having tons of symptoms such as lightheaded all day long heart paps chest pain fast changes in heart rate loose bowel movemts blood pressure changes high at times low at others headaches nausea...everything being effected since id say the last week of april////i was checked for brain tumor they said i didnt have one i had eeg also i had ekgs and a holter montor and blood tests...i saw a neuroligst but i dint like him so now i am going to layhee clinic in burlington mass the 21st to see another neurologist //// lol dont laugh but i was told by a heath intuitive that my problem lies in my puitary gland and its causing my other glands to malfunction causing all these problems i asked what would cause that and she said could be a blow to the head which is wierd becasue she didnt know i got hit right in my forhead near my putitary glad do you think it could be that? and how do they test for gland malfunctions?i am on my death bed here at 22. i feel like i just got hit with that bottle like i did at first but with a wide range of other symptoms now too/// i never lost concioousness when i got hit at least i dont think so!the freaking docs are trying to tell me i have anxiety or soemthing which i know is no tthe problem not by itself anyway//my thyroid gland was tested a month ago and was ok but i dont know how they would test puitary or adreanl glands does anyone know about any of this stuff?the medical intuitive said i have to go a certain diet for a month and my system would be back to normal lol i dont know! i asked what to take and of course i have to pay for that part hundreds which i cant afford now//if anyone can shed some light here id be gratful and if anyone knows about the endoctrine system malfunctions let me know

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