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i am going for a brain mri tonight not spinal yet although i think i need both i have a silly but serious question iam having autonomic failure symptoms in early april someone came up from behind me and cracked my back by lifting me up and it made a loud crack,,,wouldnt think anything of it normally but later that night i had severe back and kneck pain i couldnt turn my head with out it hurting like hell that last for about a week and the symptoms eased up but it still was sore anyway could such a minor thing cause a major back injury you wouldnt think so but im starting to belive its the casue of all this all my blood work is always normal i have had a head ct and it was normal too also an eeg normal but im constantly lightheaded feel like fainting ive developed tachrdia when i change positions at all my heart is normal fast now and even worse from laying to standing very fast blood pressure changes too sometimes very high sometimes low i really dont like my neurologist he doesnt give a **** about me and the er doctors had to make him do the mri for tonight and of course he only ordered the freaking brain one and not spinal so it sucks for me anyway if i had say a spinal probem from that back cracking thing would anything appear abnormal on head mri? basically i was given three things they think it is autonomic system malfunction/ brain problem/ heart problem but my ekgs are always fine i think i need the spinal mri along with the head im pist off its like hell getting anyone to take action...i am going to layhee clinic the 21st to see a differnt neurologist maybe hell do it i feellike im having heart attacks all day and passing out all day im only 22 i cant take this anymore///should i take topral to steady the heeart rate or will that be dangerous to blood pressure since its so unsteady?any suggestions
Well I have and MRI of both my brain and my lumbar (lower) back this Saturday. I have had almost all of those tests and MRI's on the rest of my back and I have had a bone scan of my whole body so I donít know what to expect. My blood pressure and pulse is the same really high and then all of a sudden it is really low. My pain Dr. thinks it is something neurological and doesnít have anything to do with my back injury from dance (I have and irregularity in my mid back and have compression fractures in my lower back). I am also young I am only 17 and it is getting worst every day. I just started taking Lyrica 75mg twice a day for my nerves because I have had numbness, tingling, and then sharp shooting pain in my legs. Let me know what is going on I would like to know and I will try to keep you posted maybe It could help both of us.

Hope you find good news and end up getting better.

if i herniated a disc wouldnt i have severe back pain? i have minor back pain at times but not that bad nothing i wouldve even seen a doctor for unless i had all the other symptoms...i hurt my back3 weeks before i got any of these symptoms if hurt when it fisrt happened but the pain subsided over time what would you think this is inmy case at my age....your honest opion and the way i hurt my back? alot of people have had similar things happen with no problems...why me.....what couldve happened every so often i have a slight pain the back of my head near my kneck not bad though its all the other symptoms that work on me....i also get pains all over my body i know for example if u hurt you upper back u might get pain in the hands arms wrists which i do at times not bad though but i get pains all over my body my legs feet everythingmy whole spinal cord cant be screwed up especially from that can it? i dont know if i have POTS because sometime i have a low heart rate too up and down along with my blood pressure its never alwayas low or always high isnt that wierd?
this is crazyness i swear im going to die from this with no answers maybe on my autopsy theyll see it

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