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just an FYI here but the sympathetic chain actually runs all the way down to the lumbar?? region of your entire column along both sides so it IS concievable to have sufferes SNS damage at some point along the chain that would be showing itself with symptoms of autonomic dysfunction.

my spinal cord was damaged from a surgery done on the inside of my spinal cord but during the surgery they also managed to actually damage my SNS.i now have all kinds of wonderful symptoms to deal with,most are indicative of the autonomic crap among others.

i really DO think that you are right in needing that spinal least the thorasic and most importantly the c spine areas.there is an area at the c 8 nerve junction (while you do not actually have a c 8 vertebrae,you do have a c 8 nerve)where many different nerves kind of cross over,these would also include a couple of the cranials that come down the c spine to the c 8 area and then loop back up into the head again.this is the area (the c8 area) where my damage was done.i have three damaged spinal tracts three damaged spinal nerves and the SNS damage all in this same really does suck.

SNS damage is sometimes hard to pick up on radiologic testing but it tends to be dxed more often by symptoms.but you still do need to have the MRI done,with contrast,just to cover all bases.and getting the brain done,well at least you can rule it out for any major problems anyways.

it never hurts to get a peek inside of any areas that we cannot normally see.this is how my cavernoma inside my cord was found,it was an 'incidental" finding while getting an MRI done on my c spine to see just which one of those discs was herniated.i was rather shocked when my doc called and told me that they found the disc and something else we didn't know about.ya just never know.

if something does happen to show on the MRI and or the one you finally get on the c spine and thorasic?try and see a good neurh this kind of stuff.if it is anything more than a headache you are suffering from,see a neurosurgeon and not a neurologist was great with my migranes but was wayy over his head with even the treatment of my herniated disc.i stayed with the neurosurgeron,even after post op.please keep us posted,K? good luck,Marcia

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