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For a while now I have had these really strange feelings and its really worrying me and causing me severe anxiety (which i already suffer from anyway- anxiety/ocd)
basically sometimes my head feels strange, i get weird sensations, and its like i am 'aware' of certain areas in my head, the area tends to change, it is normally either in the scalp right on top of my head, in the scalp at the back of my head or sometimes it even feels like kinda of air or pressure trapped right at the back of my brain almost. what is really weird (and this might make me sound totally crazy but its really difficult feeling to explain!!) it feels like it is connected somehow to saliva/mucus in the throat/mouth and strange sensations in the back of the mouth, roof of the mouth and inner nose. so that was making me really panicky thinking that something in my head or brain was leaking into my throat but then i thought well maybe its actually the other way round and i am just associating those normal feelings with feelings in my head. so its like i am constantly aware of my head and any feelings in my head or scalp all the time (which i know is probably heavily due to anxiety/ocd as well) and im not even sure if the feelings are completely just anxiety related and kind of 'imaginary' or if it actually is some kind of nerve defect or something, because im always so aware of my head it always feels so heavy and slow and i dont ever want to move it around too much incase i 'trigger' off a weird feeling!
it has got to the stage where it is totally controlling my life and holding me back from doing things i want to do and making me feel uncomfortable for sometimes the majority of a day :(

if anyone has any input or advice i would be so grateful,

thanks, laura
Laura in the UK...
You are not alone. I can't believe after reading your post's that you are and I am going through this same thing. I am so "aware" of all of the head feelings and air pressure you talk about. I too suffer from anxiety. I am not sure if my anxiety causes my awareness, or the feelings of the pressure and sensations cause me anxiety.
I noticed a bump right at that top of my forehead along my hairline and it's been downhill ever since.
I have strange numb feelings that come and go. The bump almost disappears but comes back. Blowdrying my hair triggers sensations also. I am stuffed up a lot and wonder if allergies are causing my sinuses to swell and make these head sensations occur. The sensations are also worse when it is rainy and damp, (which is frequent). My sister felt the bump on my head and said that I should stop looking for things, but I really dont feel right. I am also avoiding doing certain things and going out, because I am constantly feeling crappy.
Does any of what I wrote sound familiar? I have been feeling this way since summer came and am also wondering if it is due to the higher temperatures and humidity? I feel like crap! Sorry to hear you are doing the same.

Yep the feeling is right in the back of my mouth and roof of my mouth, sometimes it seems like a slight spressure feeling, and other times it feels like a strange ticking almost, like something is climbing/crawling along, its horrible, but also i am aware of feelings of pressure inside my head or scalp and i seem to link these two feelings together as if they are connnected, i have no idea if they are or not, but i panic even more when, as has just happened before, when i put my hand over the top of my head and it seems to trigger off a weird respose and i just get this horrible feeling like as if the feeling is spreading down into my mouth/throat and it just causes me severe anxiety.
Yesterday was okay, it started good but then i got stressed out because i touched my head and set off the weird 'feeling' so i thought i would buy some olbas oil to see if that would help with the weird nose/head feelings as i know it clears the nasal passages and sinuses and it can also be used for pain relief etc, so anyways later on i ended up dropping some drops onto my scalp to try and relieve the uncomfortable feeling and sniffing a few drops from my hand, this just resulted in my scalp going totally numb and tingling all over which caused me even WORSE anxiety and i made my nose bleed! So i had an awful nights sleep and woke up feeling agitated and irritable, its like a viscious circle! i try to do things to help with the feelings that cause anxiety but they end up making me feel MORE anxious!
Now my mouth is also totally burned as i have over brushed my teeth using too much toothpaste in an attempt to remove the horrible feelings in my mouth! :(
I just really really wish i knew what was causing these horrible feelings, its there right now, like as if there is pressure right under my scalp and it feels almost hot, which is new! I just cant stand all the stress and discomfort it is causing!
Hope you are feeling better soon anyway, Take it easy

Laura x
Hello Laura,
You are too funny. You are exactly the same as me. Right down to the panic feelings. I am sorry you had a bad experience with the oil. Our symptoms seem like they are related to sinus pressure. When I press on my head right at the top where my forehead meets my hairline I get a feeling inside my nose, and then the bump actually seems to get bigger when I start to play or obssess over it. I have been usuing nasal irrigation with a non iodized salt about a teaspoon in a small cup with warm water. I take a baby aspirator ( sucks mucous from babys noses), well I use that and flush out my nose. It sounds gross but it is what the surgeon reccomended after my surgery and he told me to keep it up whenever I am stuffed up. Then I lean side to side and forward and let any excess water flow out and then I blow my nose. You may want to try this.
I went to the doctor today but my primary was on vacation so I had to go to some other doctor. Anyway I minimized my symptoms so to avoid a CT scan and told them only of my stuffed up feeling and headaches. So I am on anibiotics now and after only two pills today I am feeling slightly better. The bump has gone down but could come back at any time which is what it seems to do. I have the feelings almost like it drains from head down my throat and sometime from my nose back up to my head. The doctor told me that the hot weather is often a culprit for sinus "stuff" especially since we go from Air conditioning to 100 degree, so the change in temperatures causes swelling of the turbinates (nasal passages). Makes sense. Today is the best I have felt and I don't know if its because of the antibiotics or because I feel psychsomatic better having seen the doctor.

I feel bad for us. We have the same exact thing. The pressure, numbness weirdness. How old are you. I am 35 and feel like I am younger, but lately I have been thinking I am too young to be feeling this bad. Last night I had a few drinks with my 80 year old aunt, and she was living it up and having a great time, and I was feeling like my head would literally explode if I drank anymore. Can't drink! Sorry the oils didnt work out. Maybe try the nasal irrigations and see if you feel any better. I have also been taking rhinocort nasal spray which seems to help at night when I am really bad. My head feels so full and heavy and when I lay down, it feels better. Well try to have a good weekend. I will check in to see how "we" are doing. Take care my friend.
Hi again

Thanks for your reply. I do get a sensation of pressure under my scalp as well as a vibrational wave feeling. Behaviourally this makes me feel like I will pass out at times but realistically this never happens (or hasn't happened yet) This sensation can be on the top of my head or the sides, all over, around an eye/forehead or change position as it pleases. Sometimes it feels as though my head is being squeezed in a vice which is usually a symptom of tension headaches but this one feels like it's on steriods or something lol
I got the impression from the previous posts that both of you had anxiety / panic. I did have a problem with panic attacks a few years ago. I did CBT and managed to break free of the cycle for a while but I've been under a bit of stress and have found that they have been rearing their ugly head again. Before I started to get panic attacks I remember feeling like my throat was consistantly constricting. This went on for months even though I had been to an ear nose and throat specialist and they told me nothing was wrong. After a couple of months I started to get panic attacks. Funily enough the sensation stopped but the panic didn't. I'm sensing that this head thing is a red flag for me as it is indicating I'm not managing my stress levels. I don't however want it to turn into full blown panic so I'm doing my best. I think anyone who had these sensations would panic it seems so natural to do so but I guess that's feeding the cycle eh? I've began to realise that panic is not something that goes away for ever but a condition that needs to be managed. I'm telling myself not to worry about it being something horrible because I had a head CT 8 months ago and it was clear and I know of several people who had brain bleeds etc and they were struck down pretty fast it wasn't something that went on and on. Damn anxiety!
Oh by the way I'm 28 - are you both a similar age?

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