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Laura in the UK...
You are not alone. I can't believe after reading your post's that you are and I am going through this same thing. I am so "aware" of all of the head feelings and air pressure you talk about. I too suffer from anxiety. I am not sure if my anxiety causes my awareness, or the feelings of the pressure and sensations cause me anxiety.
I noticed a bump right at that top of my forehead along my hairline and it's been downhill ever since.
I have strange numb feelings that come and go. The bump almost disappears but comes back. Blowdrying my hair triggers sensations also. I am stuffed up a lot and wonder if allergies are causing my sinuses to swell and make these head sensations occur. The sensations are also worse when it is rainy and damp, (which is frequent). My sister felt the bump on my head and said that I should stop looking for things, but I really dont feel right. I am also avoiding doing certain things and going out, because I am constantly feeling crappy.
Does any of what I wrote sound familiar? I have been feeling this way since summer came and am also wondering if it is due to the higher temperatures and humidity? I feel like crap! Sorry to hear you are doing the same.

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