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Hello Laura,
You are too funny. You are exactly the same as me. Right down to the panic feelings. I am sorry you had a bad experience with the oil. Our symptoms seem like they are related to sinus pressure. When I press on my head right at the top where my forehead meets my hairline I get a feeling inside my nose, and then the bump actually seems to get bigger when I start to play or obssess over it. I have been usuing nasal irrigation with a non iodized salt about a teaspoon in a small cup with warm water. I take a baby aspirator ( sucks mucous from babys noses), well I use that and flush out my nose. It sounds gross but it is what the surgeon reccomended after my surgery and he told me to keep it up whenever I am stuffed up. Then I lean side to side and forward and let any excess water flow out and then I blow my nose. You may want to try this.
I went to the doctor today but my primary was on vacation so I had to go to some other doctor. Anyway I minimized my symptoms so to avoid a CT scan and told them only of my stuffed up feeling and headaches. So I am on anibiotics now and after only two pills today I am feeling slightly better. The bump has gone down but could come back at any time which is what it seems to do. I have the feelings almost like it drains from head down my throat and sometime from my nose back up to my head. The doctor told me that the hot weather is often a culprit for sinus "stuff" especially since we go from Air conditioning to 100 degree, so the change in temperatures causes swelling of the turbinates (nasal passages). Makes sense. Today is the best I have felt and I don't know if its because of the antibiotics or because I feel psychsomatic better having seen the doctor.

I feel bad for us. We have the same exact thing. The pressure, numbness weirdness. How old are you. I am 35 and feel like I am younger, but lately I have been thinking I am too young to be feeling this bad. Last night I had a few drinks with my 80 year old aunt, and she was living it up and having a great time, and I was feeling like my head would literally explode if I drank anymore. Can't drink! Sorry the oils didnt work out. Maybe try the nasal irrigations and see if you feel any better. I have also been taking rhinocort nasal spray which seems to help at night when I am really bad. My head feels so full and heavy and when I lay down, it feels better. Well try to have a good weekend. I will check in to see how "we" are doing. Take care my friend.
Hello there in the UK..

Sorry I haven't checked in sooner, but this is the only possible chance I have had to log on.

Your post was sooo funny. It is so refreshing to know that we are in the same boat. Imagine how many others there are out there, that are just like us?? Scary :dizzy:
Anyway I had a bad day today. The bump was pressure today, not really a bump but just pressure. I did have post nasal drip when I was on the antibiotics too, not bad though. I was more stuffed up than anything. My day started off bad this morning with washing my hair and the pressurized feeling in the head. You know the drill.

I was laughing so hard when you mentioned that your co-worker sometimes see's you touching your face at work. Too funny. Thats me too, in my own little world sometimes, or even just hanging out with a group of friends, I sometimes just drift into my own little thoughts and start to worry.

Your ideas about eating healthier and more balanced meals are a good idea. I try to do that too, as well as exercise, but the sleep department is definately lacking :yawn: Gotta do more of that too. I feel good when I exercise, but for about in three weeks in July I was unable to do even do that due to the heat. Oh yeah, I take a daily vitamin when I remember too.

The weather has been better here too. It got a lot cooler about a week ago, and that seems to help a bit with the crappy feelings I get with the heat.

You mentioned blood pressure also in your post, my pulse/pressure are always slightly elevated. Anxiety?........or pressure from aneurism (sp) or tumor pressing on a major atery? Another concern!

So I am with you on the getting healthier deal....I need to quit smoking. :confused: Thats a real issue. That could be the reason I feel crappy. I know how bad for me it is, and all the health related risks, and here I am worrying about my heath. Go figure!! Well the difficulty with quitting smoking is...... I have so much health related anxiety and then the more anxious I get, the more I smoke. I usually don't smoke alot, but rather in waves. Some days I smoke a lot more than others.

Anyway It is always a pleasure to read your emails, and know that my friend in the UK can relate, when no one else around me can...

Well I just came home from a day trip to New York and am very tired...I just thought I would check in with you and let you how very much I can relate to your thoughts/feelings. I can't wait to go back to work (the school) so that I can stop "thinking"!!!!

Hope you are well!
Hi all,
Well the weather is cooling off today and of course I felt good. I had a couple of bad days which is why I haven't been online "checking" things out. Just a feeling of being wiped out and pressure on the brain since we just got over a bout of rain. I think cool weather also helps "cool" my brain and body tempurature and seems to be making me feel better. Less pressure in the head, maybe my blood pressure even lowers and doesnt give me the head pressure. That might even be a little to whacky for you all to understand...but maybe you'll get it. Maybe our anxiety plays a part in blood pressure, thus resulting in constriction in the vessels in the head....hmmm. I may be onto something.
Well as you can see, I am making little progress with my anxiety, but I did have a healthy feeling day. Work is definately helping.
I think Danny boy mentioned something about the sensations and pressure increasing when he is stressed...I definately agree with that....hence the blood pressure theory.
hope all is well with everyone....
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