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Laura in the UK...
You are not alone. I can't believe after reading your post's that you are and I am going through this same thing. I am so "aware" of all of the head feelings and air pressure you talk about. I too suffer from anxiety. I am not sure if my anxiety causes my awareness, or the feelings of the pressure and sensations cause me anxiety.
I noticed a bump right at that top of my forehead along my hairline and it's been downhill ever since.
I have strange numb feelings that come and go. The bump almost disappears but comes back. Blowdrying my hair triggers sensations also. I am stuffed up a lot and wonder if allergies are causing my sinuses to swell and make these head sensations occur. The sensations are also worse when it is rainy and damp, (which is frequent). My sister felt the bump on my head and said that I should stop looking for things, but I really dont feel right. I am also avoiding doing certain things and going out, because I am constantly feeling crappy.
Does any of what I wrote sound familiar? I have been feeling this way since summer came and am also wondering if it is due to the higher temperatures and humidity? I feel like crap! Sorry to hear you are doing the same.
I am over here laughing at the "day off" you have tomorrow so you have to keep yourself busy because your mind wanders. I am wondering if that is my problem too. I am off the entire summer, since I work in a school. I wonder if that is my problem. Strangely my "bump" on my head appeared almost on the last day of school, and I have all the time in the world to think about what horrible thing it could be. I think tonight might be a xanax night. Why suffer?
That's horrible about the heat. I would seriously have to be admitted to the hospital if it were that hot here. We have had some pretty hot days though, in the high 90's.
That feeling in your nose and throat. Is it like a pressure? Almost as if you can feel the pressure either building or going down? I feel it sometimes at the roof of my mouth and then up through my nose. Right now I am very stuffed up and am going to take a sudafed decongestant. The sensations I get with that......but it does help.
When people say how lucky I am to have the whole summer off, I just smile and say yeah......inside I am going crazy. So sad. Try to enjoy your day off tomorrow and think positive thoughts. We are okay. :confused:

Glad you are feeling better! I am wondering if i have a sinus problem also and because im worrying about my scalp and head maybe im kind of connecting the two together (if that makes any sense?!)
Yep I think i am a total hypochondriac too and i also think i have everything and always fear the absolute worst which just makes me panicky and higly stressed! At the moment i have that dripping feeling as if something is dripping from the back of my head down my throat and its making me feel really uncomfortable and anxious :S
I went to see the nurse on monday evening after work and they checked my blood pressure and temperature and said they were fine, my pulse was a little fast but they said thats probably just down to being anxious. they ALSO did a pregnancy test on me!! i was soo scared but it was negative!! phew!
Anyways they said that it COULD be a hormone imbalance or it could be that im just stressed and run down from work and worrying about the symptoms are making them seem much worse. I mentioned that my scalp felt strange like there was air pressure inside my head or under my scalp and that sometimes if i touched it in a certain place it seemed to trigger of a strange nerve feeling and i was also getting regular on and off headaches.
she said to try and eat healthily and try and make time for regular exersize as that makes you feel better. and she said make time for myself to relax and stuff. but she did say there were other possibilites that it could be such as anemia, low blood sugars etc so she said try and make an appointment to go and see my gp when i next can but if it does get a lot worse then make the appointment more urgently.
i am still thinking it might be hormonal as my peridos have been playing up a little too, like they have become shorter and more irregular, last month i was days easrly this month a week late so it was basically like 6 weeks between! i also explained to her that i had been on the patch and came off it in january and maybe thats whats set my hormones off and she said its a possibility.
it just feels so weird that all these symptoms in my head could be hormonal or just anxiety based symptoms as they feel so real when i have them like something really strange is going on in my head! but i have noticed that the more i fixate on them then the worse they seem to get, and the more i try to 'treat' them then i seem to get more and more anxious over it! like somedays if i get the weird feelings but manage to deal with the anxiety for a bit then it seems to get a bit better later on in the day. does that happen to you at all?
i ALSO had a few drinks last night but it didnt trn out as well as your night!! Basically i have a pain in my lower back which im not sure if its a work sustained injury or if it was related to my period cos as soon as that started the pain has subsided! anyways i took two co-codamol and two ibuprofen (dunno if you call them that over there?) for the pain and i asked my mum if it would be okay to take them and drink and she said she thoght it would be okay. anyways it didnt turn out so good cos we had people round from 6 as it was my mums 50th birthday and we were going to a really nice restaurant! anyways i think because of the pills my body wasnt dealing as well with the wine i was drinking as well as i could of and i felt really drunk so after the meal my boyfriend took me home and i just felt AWFUL i dont know why but i just started panicking and i couldnt breathe and so i was hyperventilating really badly and ended up having a fully blown panic attack, it was awful and i cant remember much about it really apart from my bf trying to calm me down and make me relax and breathe slowly, and i was crying hysterically it was horrible! and because i had worked myself up so much, and probably also because of the effects of the pills with the alcohol i was really sick then so it ruined my night basically and i was so annoyed as i was looking forward to it for ages! So i have spent most of today in bed! and havng wierd sensations in my head again so its been a pretty rubbish day really!
I have started taking kalms again i find they are very good for feelings of anxiety but they normally take a few days before you really feel the effects of them, but they normally help me to dismiss feelings of anxiety more easily instead of getting latched onto it and dwelling on it! so fingers crossed they will help me with this!! and i think i will buy some evening primrose oil as i think thats is meant for balancing hormones!
anyways hope you are still feeling well!
take care,

Laura ;)
Hello there...
Wow, that really sounded like a terrible night you had. It figures just when you are looking forward to having a good night, and the health ruins it. It happens to me too. I frequently take ibuprofin or advil when I am drinking b/c I know I am going to get a headache from the alcohol, when I am feeling badly. This never bothers me.....aside from the damage I am doing to my liver, as the warnings on the label indicate that you should not have more than 3 alcoholic beverages with it. So I can only imagine what my liver will look like, if this keeps up.
Anyway, do you think it was panic, or an actual physical effect of the combination of the tablets with the drinks?

I do know exactly what you mean when you say that if feel the symptom coming on and don't panic, it usually goes away. Yes that is what I experience also. I think I get so fixated that I can physically make myself sick. I know I dont imagine the thing in my head, because I made my sister feel it and she felt the bump, but as strange as it sounds when I played with the bump or even thought about it, it got bigger. It felt like the air pressure you described. I could press and feel like I wasnt pressing on my own head. Like there was something between my actual skull and hair...but almost numb.
Well I am glad that you are glad that you weren't pregnant. Hormones, the patch, can do some weird things to your period once you go off it. The hormonal theory can never be ruled out for me either especially with the irregularites....which also makes me wonder if I have a pituitary tumor, (which would affect the menstrual cycle).
You are lucky you have a bf that can look after you and try to talk you down, especially during a panic like you had. I live alone and sometimes can get really stuck here in my own neurosis (mental anquish), thinking I have every disease in the book.

I am still feeling good. Took a couple of Advil today though, slight headache, since the temperature reached 100 + today. The bump continues to be down, still some mild pressure and numbness, slight protrusion, but nothing compared to last week, when I was really bad. The antibiotics have cleared up my sinuses, and I can breathe again, and the bump is almost gone!! Thank god.
I don't know.......The past two days, I haven't felt panicky at all, and have few symptoms compared to last week when I was convinced that I had meningitis, or a tumor, or another cyst in my sinus.
What I would like to know, is my next panic going to be a result of a medical condition that comes about, or is my panic going to make me come out with a new condition? This is what I would like to know.....I think I need to get on an antidepressant. The xanax helps situationally, (fast acting, and short term), but I think something like Paxil helps with OCD and depression, and may help curb my constant thoughts of health and ailments. What do you think? How are you feeling now?
Hello there in the UK..

Sorry I haven't checked in sooner, but this is the only possible chance I have had to log on.

Your post was sooo funny. It is so refreshing to know that we are in the same boat. Imagine how many others there are out there, that are just like us?? Scary :dizzy:
Anyway I had a bad day today. The bump was pressure today, not really a bump but just pressure. I did have post nasal drip when I was on the antibiotics too, not bad though. I was more stuffed up than anything. My day started off bad this morning with washing my hair and the pressurized feeling in the head. You know the drill.

I was laughing so hard when you mentioned that your co-worker sometimes see's you touching your face at work. Too funny. Thats me too, in my own little world sometimes, or even just hanging out with a group of friends, I sometimes just drift into my own little thoughts and start to worry.

Your ideas about eating healthier and more balanced meals are a good idea. I try to do that too, as well as exercise, but the sleep department is definately lacking :yawn: Gotta do more of that too. I feel good when I exercise, but for about in three weeks in July I was unable to do even do that due to the heat. Oh yeah, I take a daily vitamin when I remember too.

The weather has been better here too. It got a lot cooler about a week ago, and that seems to help a bit with the crappy feelings I get with the heat.

You mentioned blood pressure also in your post, my pulse/pressure are always slightly elevated. Anxiety?........or pressure from aneurism (sp) or tumor pressing on a major atery? Another concern!

So I am with you on the getting healthier deal....I need to quit smoking. :confused: Thats a real issue. That could be the reason I feel crappy. I know how bad for me it is, and all the health related risks, and here I am worrying about my heath. Go figure!! Well the difficulty with quitting smoking is...... I have so much health related anxiety and then the more anxious I get, the more I smoke. I usually don't smoke alot, but rather in waves. Some days I smoke a lot more than others.

Anyway It is always a pleasure to read your emails, and know that my friend in the UK can relate, when no one else around me can...

Well I just came home from a day trip to New York and am very tired...I just thought I would check in with you and let you how very much I can relate to your thoughts/feelings. I can't wait to go back to work (the school) so that I can stop "thinking"!!!!

Hope you are well!
Hey Danny Boy and Laura,

Well looks like we have another one with us Laura.
Interesting little symptoms huh? Danny I am curious about you, and your symptoms.
You say you have the sensations, but do you have the pressure feeling. My post's obviously tell you what my symptoms are. They definately vary, and sometime are affected by the damp rainy weather. I don't know what is wrong with me. Some days I feel fine, and other's are miserable. I usually don't get a headache, but when I drink alcohol It seems to cause me headaches. I feel that mine are sinus related as I can usually feel the sensations in my head, and my nose area.
What are you symptoms?

Laura I am glad that you have been feeling better. I found that going back to work helped a little to take my thoughts of health off of my mind, but of course when I get back usually comes back. (the thoughts)....ugh.
Danny, you should know we (Laura and I ) have some anxiety and or panic issues as well.
Hi again

Thanks for your reply. I do get a sensation of pressure under my scalp as well as a vibrational wave feeling. Behaviourally this makes me feel like I will pass out at times but realistically this never happens (or hasn't happened yet) This sensation can be on the top of my head or the sides, all over, around an eye/forehead or change position as it pleases. Sometimes it feels as though my head is being squeezed in a vice which is usually a symptom of tension headaches but this one feels like it's on steriods or something lol
I got the impression from the previous posts that both of you had anxiety / panic. I did have a problem with panic attacks a few years ago. I did CBT and managed to break free of the cycle for a while but I've been under a bit of stress and have found that they have been rearing their ugly head again. Before I started to get panic attacks I remember feeling like my throat was consistantly constricting. This went on for months even though I had been to an ear nose and throat specialist and they told me nothing was wrong. After a couple of months I started to get panic attacks. Funily enough the sensation stopped but the panic didn't. I'm sensing that this head thing is a red flag for me as it is indicating I'm not managing my stress levels. I don't however want it to turn into full blown panic so I'm doing my best. I think anyone who had these sensations would panic it seems so natural to do so but I guess that's feeding the cycle eh? I've began to realise that panic is not something that goes away for ever but a condition that needs to be managed. I'm telling myself not to worry about it being something horrible because I had a head CT 8 months ago and it was clear and I know of several people who had brain bleeds etc and they were struck down pretty fast it wasn't something that went on and on. Damn anxiety!
Oh by the way I'm 28 - are you both a similar age?
Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't replied yet I have been pretty busy with work and a uni deadline to meet!! Hi Dan and Smiley, it does seem that there are a lot more people with these weird sensations that I thought! And everyone suffers with anxiety too- surely this must play a big factor in things then??
One thing I have noticed lately that makes me head feel really horrible like as if things are moving around inside of it and makes me feel kinda dizzy and light headed is if I eat too many mints/chewing gum etc which are all sugar free- so im sure something in sugar free foods and drinks, such as aspartame, gives me this weird sensation in my head.
Dan- i'm not from America im from the UK, the weather here over the summer was REALLY hot and thats when the feeling of pressure was worse, now it is starting to get cooler as we come into winter.
And i'm 24 so similar age yeah. I think anxiety seems more common in younger people as well- pressures of living in 21st century!

For a while I was feeling much much better and I managed to take my mind of the worrying about my head and it pretty much went away, although the anxiety still managed to manifest itself in other things such as sore throats, sore eyes etc, but lately I have been worrying again and so it has started to come back again! :(

What are the strange sensations in your scalp like? does it sometimes feel as if you touch your scalp and you can feel like a weird feeling goes right into your head? Thats what mine often feels like its horrible!

filenia- i'm glad work is helping you keep your mind of things too! It definitely helps!!

Anyway i gotta dash as I have food in the oven!! :)

Take care


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