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Yep the feeling is right in the back of my mouth and roof of my mouth, sometimes it seems like a slight spressure feeling, and other times it feels like a strange ticking almost, like something is climbing/crawling along, its horrible, but also i am aware of feelings of pressure inside my head or scalp and i seem to link these two feelings together as if they are connnected, i have no idea if they are or not, but i panic even more when, as has just happened before, when i put my hand over the top of my head and it seems to trigger off a weird respose and i just get this horrible feeling like as if the feeling is spreading down into my mouth/throat and it just causes me severe anxiety.
Yesterday was okay, it started good but then i got stressed out because i touched my head and set off the weird 'feeling' so i thought i would buy some olbas oil to see if that would help with the weird nose/head feelings as i know it clears the nasal passages and sinuses and it can also be used for pain relief etc, so anyways later on i ended up dropping some drops onto my scalp to try and relieve the uncomfortable feeling and sniffing a few drops from my hand, this just resulted in my scalp going totally numb and tingling all over which caused me even WORSE anxiety and i made my nose bleed! So i had an awful nights sleep and woke up feeling agitated and irritable, its like a viscious circle! i try to do things to help with the feelings that cause anxiety but they end up making me feel MORE anxious!
Now my mouth is also totally burned as i have over brushed my teeth using too much toothpaste in an attempt to remove the horrible feelings in my mouth! :(
I just really really wish i knew what was causing these horrible feelings, its there right now, like as if there is pressure right under my scalp and it feels almost hot, which is new! I just cant stand all the stress and discomfort it is causing!
Hope you are feeling better soon anyway, Take it easy

Laura x

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