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Glad you are feeling better! I am wondering if i have a sinus problem also and because im worrying about my scalp and head maybe im kind of connecting the two together (if that makes any sense?!)
Yep I think i am a total hypochondriac too and i also think i have everything and always fear the absolute worst which just makes me panicky and higly stressed! At the moment i have that dripping feeling as if something is dripping from the back of my head down my throat and its making me feel really uncomfortable and anxious :S
I went to see the nurse on monday evening after work and they checked my blood pressure and temperature and said they were fine, my pulse was a little fast but they said thats probably just down to being anxious. they ALSO did a pregnancy test on me!! i was soo scared but it was negative!! phew!
Anyways they said that it COULD be a hormone imbalance or it could be that im just stressed and run down from work and worrying about the symptoms are making them seem much worse. I mentioned that my scalp felt strange like there was air pressure inside my head or under my scalp and that sometimes if i touched it in a certain place it seemed to trigger of a strange nerve feeling and i was also getting regular on and off headaches.
she said to try and eat healthily and try and make time for regular exersize as that makes you feel better. and she said make time for myself to relax and stuff. but she did say there were other possibilites that it could be such as anemia, low blood sugars etc so she said try and make an appointment to go and see my gp when i next can but if it does get a lot worse then make the appointment more urgently.
i am still thinking it might be hormonal as my peridos have been playing up a little too, like they have become shorter and more irregular, last month i was days easrly this month a week late so it was basically like 6 weeks between! i also explained to her that i had been on the patch and came off it in january and maybe thats whats set my hormones off and she said its a possibility.
it just feels so weird that all these symptoms in my head could be hormonal or just anxiety based symptoms as they feel so real when i have them like something really strange is going on in my head! but i have noticed that the more i fixate on them then the worse they seem to get, and the more i try to 'treat' them then i seem to get more and more anxious over it! like somedays if i get the weird feelings but manage to deal with the anxiety for a bit then it seems to get a bit better later on in the day. does that happen to you at all?
i ALSO had a few drinks last night but it didnt trn out as well as your night!! Basically i have a pain in my lower back which im not sure if its a work sustained injury or if it was related to my period cos as soon as that started the pain has subsided! anyways i took two co-codamol and two ibuprofen (dunno if you call them that over there?) for the pain and i asked my mum if it would be okay to take them and drink and she said she thoght it would be okay. anyways it didnt turn out so good cos we had people round from 6 as it was my mums 50th birthday and we were going to a really nice restaurant! anyways i think because of the pills my body wasnt dealing as well with the wine i was drinking as well as i could of and i felt really drunk so after the meal my boyfriend took me home and i just felt AWFUL i dont know why but i just started panicking and i couldnt breathe and so i was hyperventilating really badly and ended up having a fully blown panic attack, it was awful and i cant remember much about it really apart from my bf trying to calm me down and make me relax and breathe slowly, and i was crying hysterically it was horrible! and because i had worked myself up so much, and probably also because of the effects of the pills with the alcohol i was really sick then so it ruined my night basically and i was so annoyed as i was looking forward to it for ages! So i have spent most of today in bed! and havng wierd sensations in my head again so its been a pretty rubbish day really!
I have started taking kalms again i find they are very good for feelings of anxiety but they normally take a few days before you really feel the effects of them, but they normally help me to dismiss feelings of anxiety more easily instead of getting latched onto it and dwelling on it! so fingers crossed they will help me with this!! and i think i will buy some evening primrose oil as i think thats is meant for balancing hormones!
anyways hope you are still feeling well!
take care,

Laura ;)

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