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wow,you do sound like you have a few possible totally unrelted things going on is the protien in your urine?has anyone bothered to do some tests on your kidneys?certain kidney diseases will cause alot of different types of symptoms but the key here is that they all start out with finding protien in your urine.i too have kidney disease and the very first indicator of that(which by the way,i just blew off too since i did not know the significance of it)was protien in my urine along with some traces of red blood cells.I found out i had polycystic kidney kidneys do need some further testing,preferably a blood test and an ultrasound.these two tests willtell you alot as to what may or may not be going on with your kidneys,but this has to be done since the kidneys can effect alot of different things in your body,including blood pressures.

now the increased pressure in your brain,has no one actually explained just why this is?i am also rather confused about the spinal thing in the report that states"if an evebt had happened within the spinal cord,it may have been significant"just what the hell is that all about??did no one have an explanation for that either?i have never ever heard that statement made before dspite the many significant things that have occured within my spinal cord,aong with 16 MRIs done over the past four years.

belive me,i can TOTALLY undrstand your frustration and total confusion,yikes even!Have you ever seen an actual neurosurgeon or are you dealing with just a bunch of totally clueless neurologists here?if you have anything more than headaches,please see a neurosurgeon,honestly,i have seen plenty of both and the NSs just have sooo much more overall knowledge of the inner workings of the brain and the spinal cord and how they work together and what actually affects DO need a good neurosurgeon to help you figure this all out.

i would love to actually know just what in the heck is going on within your spinal cord and just what that rad ment by that statement in the report he made.a neurosurgeon would at least be able to tell you that.

so just what exactly has been been 'scanned" and with what type of tests?anything done with your c spine?MRIs on the brain,with contrast??these would be vital.along with having an MRA that would just highlight the arterial structures within your brain in order to rule out any possible vascular malformations.

just an FYI here too.having some sort of a problem within the c spine can also affect things within your head and brain as you do have some cranial nerves that do run down from the head,into and along the c spine where they go down to approx the c 8 nerve(while you do not have a c 8 vertebrae,you do have a c 8 nerve)and then loop back up into the head this would be possible just so you are aware.

but you really DO need to get the kidneys evaluated soon.there could be a problem there that could also be affecting other body need to know how they are functioning.

you mentioned that when taking certain meds,your pain in your head gets worse?just what type of meds are these that seem to trigger increased pain?would they be pain meds per chance?narcotics and some other types of meds actually increase head pressure within the brain.soo if you supposedly already have pre existing ICP,well taking these types of meds will just be adding more ICP to your brain.not good and could explain the increased pain,most definitely.

you really do need to get to a doc that takes your issues much more seriously and actually knows whats up within the brain and the spinal cord.that would be a good neurosurgeon,i reccomend that very highly.also,like I said before,get those kidneys checked have your BPs been,within the norm or a bit out of the norm?there is a very direct link between the kidneys and the BPs just so you know.
please keep me posted on whatyou find out zorm.geez,i really do feel for DO deserve much better treatment than what you have been recieving from the idiot most definitely need to find out about that supposed event that took place within your spinal cord.I cannot even begin to think just what in the heck the radiologist ment by that one.just plain wierd.good luck,marcia

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