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Hi all,

Iím 42 year old male new here and have a question. First let me tell you what happened.
Last December I fell in my bathroom and had to go to the ER. I had severe pain from the fall but already had a pain condition and the Doctors wanted to make sure I didnít break a bone in my back or skull due to my symptoms and ran a CT scan w/o contrast.
No broken bones or blood clot on brain showed so after treating me and stabilizing a mild heart problem they sent me home with a nice bill (no medical insurance).

The pain condition that I have had for about three years now has worsened and I noticed some new symptoms such as short term memory loss and times of confusion and anxiety. I had tried all the over the counter pain meds for three years with no relief and although scared to take anything stronger, I decided to go and see a Doctor to see about getting a mild prescription pain med for those bad days and to find out what is causing the pain as CT didnít show anything in my back or neck area which is where the most pain is and now getting some headaches.

The day before my Doctor appointment I decided to go to the hospital to pick up my records to have with me so the Doctor wouldnít feel the need to run new ones with me not having much money for medical and when I got my records I noticed on the Brain Scan they failed to mention the fact that it show something called ďMild diffuse cerebral and cerebellar atrophy with no evidence of hemorrhage or edemaĒ
I had a Brain scan about 15 years ago for something else and nothing unusual showed up so this is something new and my Doctor that I took this report to said that because I have no medical insurance, that he would treat my symptoms for now and if I get worse would need to do more tests so he gave me an anti seizure type tranquilizer medication and a pain medication to use only when having real bad pain and not to use everyday.

Has anyone ever heard of brain atrophy in a 42 year old before and if so, what causes it and is that causing my memory loss. My Doctor didnít say if it was causing memory loss. In fact, I canít remember if I even told him about the memory loss part or not.

Hi feelbad

I do have a pretty good idea of family history. In fact, my maternal grandmother is still alive and my grate grandmother lived until I was 4 years old.
The grand father that had Parkingsons was my paternal grandfather and he was healthy his whole life until after 55 years old he developed a tremor in his hand and arm and when he finally went to the Doctor about a year later he was diagnosed with Parkingsons and he progresses pretty fast with that which affected his whole body eventually. He started having memory problems that were first said to be from the Parkingsons until he got to the point where he couldnít recognize family members and then the Doctors said he likely also had Alzhimers but the only definitive way to determine 100% was by autopsy after death at the time. There was no autopsy performed so we never knew 100% but he got to where he didnít know anyone or anything. In fact, I quit my job to take care of him full time so he wouldnít have to go into a nursing home.
He had no heart problems or cancer.
His wife my paternal grandmother whom I also cared for when she became ill was in great health with no problems other than arthritis until she developed small cell lung cancer said to have been due to her smoking years earlier but she had quit for 20 years before she got sick and she was 74 when diagnosed and lived 9 months. Her brothers and sisters all lived to 82-87 years old with no serious health problems until very late in life. One had pancreatic cancer at age 81 died at 82. My father is still living and has no serious health problems.
My paternal grandparents parents: Grate grandmother died of a stroke in older age and great-grandfather died at 86 due to liver problem from heavy drinking. He drank until the week he died. No cancers or brain problems.

On my mothers side, she has some health problems but nothing with brain and her mother my grandmother is still living and will be 81 this year. This grandmother has a heart condition and other various illnesses due to her age.
Her siblings did have a lot of cancers from liver to brain cancer in her brother on the later.
Her mother who was the great-grandmother I remember died at 82 years old in 1968 from
peritonitis due to a non cancer problem. Her husband died before I was born from a lot of mini strokes that finally ended up in a big stroke.

As far as my three siblings, two are healthy but the youngest which is my little sister has type one diabetes but I am negative on that.

As far as my symptoms: Three years or so of increased back and neck pain so bad some days canít get out of bed. Very tired all the time and this is increasing. Weight fluctuations sometimes as much as 10 lbs in a 24 hour period which I think is fluid retention but have been losing weight. In fact, lost about 30lbs this year and my Doctor noticed that with out me telling him because the muscles in my arms are about gone and he said if I had insurance he would have me in phsyical therapy.
I do lose my balance sometimes which is why I fell last December but my gait doesnít seem to be different although there are some days that my speech is slurred and people think I have been drinking but am not drinking and do have some difficulty swallowing which seems to have increase over the last year. Very hard to swallow things like meat, bread, or large pills.
Hate to admit this on a message board but twice in the last month I did wet myself in my sleep and I have never done that before and did have some cold night sweats especially around my neck. Night sweats seems to have gone away.
The CT I had 15 years ago was done with out contrast like this past one and nothing showed on it insofar as atrophy but I realize the CT scans today are probably different.

I do have a positive TB due to work in health care. I used to be negative and then ended up testing positive and took medications but had to interrupt those medications for a while due to a surgery to remove polyps on my vocal cord so not sure how that works when you have an interruption like that with that type of medication. Vocal cord looked like cancer when they took a look but turned out no cancer. I did smoke for years so was at higher risk.

I do have that minor heart problem that is more related to a Mitral Valve with some PVCs and fast heart rate up to 200 with out medication while resting which I take the beta blocker for.
In fact, when I had to go to a hospital years ago for the heart thing the emergency people got a heart rate on me at 220 and they swore I had done some drugs which I have never done but when I got to the hospital, they found out through my blood that I had nothing but did have an elevated cardiac enzyme and of course was put on medication right away to bring that heart rate down

Thatís about all I can think of but that is a lot LOL

Sorry to hear about the MS. I'm not sure which is worse the MS or HD but guess each one is a little different in each person. I think the HD is the one where you lose your mind so if I have HD then I guess, I will end up not knowing who I am which at that point won't matter because I won't know but it would be hard on my family for sure.
I'm not so much worried that my mind goes as I am about things like pain and just feeling terrible all the time. My muscles have wasted away to practically nothing and I have lost a lot of weight so don't have much strength to even lift a phone book.

Doctor does think physical therapy could help get some muscle back but I have waited so long to even get moving on symptoms because I really thought they would either just go away or that it was my imagination due to my nerves.

I am taking a tranquilizer now and do feel calmer but can't take the pain meds everyday at this point for several reasons, one is they might not work as well later if I need them more and also one can get addicted to them if taken everyday and don't want to get addicted to something unless I simply had to.

What I can't believe is that other than some smoking, I never did drugs or boozed it up like a lot of other people I know and I tired to keep my body in pretty good shape but guess it just depends a lot on genetics.

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