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About 10 months ago, I had BPV which was "fixed" by a neurologist by performing a series of excercises. I was relived to find out it was nothing serious; however, he or I (with the help of the internet) could not find anything mentioning the severe, short-lived "attacks" of head pain (they lasted less than 5 minutes).

I had about 7 of them over a period of 3 weeks...then they disappeared.

Starting in March, I had total body numbness which was a result of severly herniated discs in my neck (I had a brain MRI before the surgery).

I had ACDF C5-C7 surgery in May and still have total body numbness occasionally and right sided numbness pretty consistently.

I just saw a neurologist for the first time after having the brain MRI and he said that there were ischemic abnormalities on the right side of my brain (the same side that I have the worst numbness on). He dismissed them as being attributible to my age (I just turned 41)

Should I be worried? I go for a EMG on Monday.

Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks for responding! I was beginning to think no one would! I guess there is an awful lot to read on these boards!

BPV is benign positional vertigo....basically severe dizziness that usually is caused by taking an antibiotic and it affects the balance in your inner ear..the neurologist that "fixed" this problem didn't seem concerned about the short, severe head pain that I had with it and I can't seem to find anything on the internet about head pain going with it.

After my family doctor (after two visits) told me to go home and take ibuprofen because I had arthritis (neck and arm pain & was totally body numbness), I went ahead and made an appointment on my own with a orthopedic neck specialist...4 weeks of worse...he sent me to the neurosurgeon.

Almost 3 months out...still with numbness and some pretty bad headaches and now some pain on the left side (none pre-op), the neurosurgeon sent me to a neurologist (not the one I had originally seen for the BPV)

The "new" neurologist ordered a lumbar mri--even though I said I only had moderate back pain and he ordered an EMG (right side-where most of my numbness is now).. I go back in two weeks for the results.

I guess I'd better make a list of questions....once I'm in there, I usually always forget...

Thanks so much for your help

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