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Pinched nerve??
Aug 15, 2006
I have had these horrible headaches. They've gradually gotten worse and worse. To the point of me not being able to do anything. I don't know if all this matters but i will share anyways. 3 years ago i had shoulder surgey do to a football injury. On my arm about 4 inchs long was always numb. And to a point still is. He said that this is common. ANd will eventually heal. Well anyways. about 11 months ago before my pain was extrememly bad i was playing football again. And got hit in the head. Ever since then. My pains horrible. Its behind my left eye/upper nose. I've been to eyes dr.s and nuerologsits. I've had cats scans and mris ....i've been to 15 doctors and everything has come back negative. Someone mentioned i could have a pinched nerve in my neck. The back of my neck and shoulders hurt alot. And i have alot of joint pain. COuld this be the cause? Thanks mike
Re: Pinched nerve??
Aug 20, 2006
I had a nasty head injury and have chronic migraines, like you I went to several doctors looking for answers ENT, neurosurgeons, neurologists etc... Itís been 11 years for me. The doctor I liked best was a neurologist in Pittsburgh and one of things he checked for was an injury to my spinal cord although I was not feeling any neck pain, he was very through. Did they scan the areas your complaining about and not just your head? If he doesnít already, make sure your doctor has a complete history of your problems so he can properly try and diagnose your problem and also check everything that should be checked.

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