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Interested in your story Afterglow, not sure where to post to reply. Sorry, I'm new... here is MY story... (waiting on neck and heart ultrasound)...

copy/pasting from my other post: [CENTER][/CENTER]Hi, I'm new here, didn't know where to post, etc... but I saw some of my similar problems, so I thought I'd post. I had a wierd sensation on the top/back of my head for about a week. Kind of a numb sensation, a little tingling... no real pain, so I wasn't truly freaking out but thought it was odd after a week. So I went in to my Dr after a week. While sitting in the waiting room, the back of my neck got really hot and when I got in the room and told the lady I was there for "wierd headaches", she said, "Oh, and do you know you have a fever?". I didn't, and the back of the neck thing had JUST started in the waiting room. The Dr. gave me antibiotics and tension headache medicine. None of those worked so I returned in several days. The pain in the back of my head had gotten a bit worse and some hot pain was radiating up to my head. I walked around trying to keep my head still. The second Doc helped a bit more, a more detailed look into symptoms etc. Sent me for a Cat Scan. Didn't think much of it. Got the phone call... small spot on left base of brain, don't worry, we'll send you for MRI. Got the MRI, I'm thinking brain tumor or aneurysm... they call again and say the Dr. wants to see me. Oh Sh** I think. I'm 31 years old, with 2 kids, one only 3 years old. Well, I didn't expect what I heard so I didn't have much reaction. He says, you've had a stroke, but you're ok and the damage is already done. I was in disbelief, still am. I had NO risk factors for such a thing... well, it's 3 days later now and I have the head/neck symptoms again and am freaking out. I went to the Dr. but he can't answer my questions... I am waiting and waiting on a referrel to a neurologist. I am being pro-active and calling, but it's really taking them forever. If I was told that these current symptoms were an AFTER affect of the stroke, I'd be far more relieved, but I'm just worried that it will happen again, after all... one never knows. I mean, who would think at 31 I would have a stroke with no risk factors??? So I'm doing the waiting game just as most of you are. If anyone can help with anything in my situation, let me know and I will do the same for you! But MOST IMPORTANTLY... listen to your body, and what it tells you and watch out for your brain tricking you; I know, it happens to me too. If I had not gone to the Dr. I would have never known about the stroke.... I had NO serious pain, headaches, etc. Thanks for listening, Kristin

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