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well let me start by saying ive had a brain mri and a cat scan that were normal but i just recently found out i have a high prolactin level so today i had to go back and have a special putitary mri with contrast to see if i have a putitary tumor/anyway i keep getting these strange feelings in my head like sharp stabs that last only a second each no specific place all differnt places im always lightheaded and somehwat dizzy and i thought i just had a stroke when i was sleeping i started dreaming somone was doing something to my head and i felt this pressure ont he top of my head along with a tingly cold feeling which i still feel the cold feeling now what the hell is that?ive been throught the ringer with neuroligsts now an endocrine doctor ive also had rapis heart beats off and on and low blood pressure ive had an echocardiogram a treadmill test and ekgs all were ok except on the treadmill test my heart rate was high too high im 23 years old but apparently theres no blockages or abnormal heart structure ive also had body pains high level anxiety all the symtoms of thyroid trouble but i had a thyroid test that was normal i also had the adrenal test that was normal the only thing so far is the high prolactin.............helppppppppppppppppp i feel horrible i cant work due to the feeling like passing out and dizzyness
Hi. I've got the same exact symptoms. I can't stand up for long as I get too lightheaded, but my b/p tends to go up, not down. I get heart racing out of the blue, and the anxiety/panic out of the blue. I have also quit having periods, and am not menopausal. I went a year w/o a period, then had a few, and then quit again. Now all of my female hormones are low(fsh,lh, and estrogen), so the doctor wants to do an mri. I'm to the point of wanting them to find something so I can start fixing whatever the problem is. I cannot shop, or go out to socialize because of the panic. Any slightly anxious setting just blows my panic out of proportion! Have you found out anything yet?

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