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It all started about three years ago with just my toes on the right side feeling a little numb. It took at least 8 months to work its way up my whole right side. I have had 2 MRI done seen 3 neurologist with no answers to be found. In fact they make it seem as if I am a hypochondriac or stressed out. It does seem to get worse when I am under stress but I feel I can handle stress. I donít have anxiety attacks or feel stressed out. In the last three months I have experienced a new symptom some times when I sneeze, cough, laugh a get a sharp pain on my left back side of my head. This is the reason I had the second MRI done. Two days ago I was in my car if a moved my head quickly I got the sharp pain on the left side of my head not in the back part but the whole left side. My cheek down to my neck now feels warm and tingly on the left side but not to the touch. My question is does this sound bogus or stress related or is something wrong? The symptoms are real to me and the only time I feel like itís all in my mind is when the neurologist says stuff like ďDo you think all three of us (the neurologist) are wrong?Ē I want to point out I am not doctor jumping I just moved out of state and then one of the neurologist moved the back to Chicago. Which is ironic because he was the only neurologist who didnít think I was nuts.

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