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I was in a car accident in 1990 and shortly after that started having sharp stabbing pains in my head. I did have catscans with no answers. Over the years I have been to the Doctors several times with complaints of the sharp pains and constant headaches.. I was told they could be anything from migraines to cluster headaches or tension headaches.. A few years ago I ended up in the Emergency Room with the sharp pains so bad that I actually thought I was going to Die. They did a catscan and I was told that they found three lesions on the left side of my brain and to follow up with my Doctor for an MRI. I did follow up and had an MRI, the Doctor told me I didn't have lesions that I had extra space around my vessels and that my brain was positioned lower. (whatever that meant). Since then I have been to the Doctors several more times with the same complaints but now including numbness in my right hand and foot. And once again told it was nothing.. A few months ago I went once again and this time I told him I have constant headaches, sharping stabbing pains in my head, numbness in my right hand and right foot, some twitching on the left side of my mouth and around my left eye, pulsating feelings in my legs and arms with some weakness in my arm.. It was finally then he said lets send you to a neurologist. I finally was told an answer - I have Arnold Chairi Malformation.
He sent me for another MRI except this one was of my neck and back. It came back that I also have a Cyst in my Spinal Cord.. I have since meet with a neurosurgeon and now the decision of surgery is basically in my hands.

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