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Re: Pineal cyst
Oct 2, 2006
I just went through a scare about this very thing. I had migraines and went in for a MRI and they found a 1.8cm x 1.5cm cyst. I was freaked out and my neurologist (who my "I don't know anything about it" doc referred me to) was wonderful. He said he honestly thought it was not a true worry, but was concerned about my mental stress about the situation. He then referred me to a neurooncologist (who cancelled my appt saying there was nothing they could to for me because of where it was - leading to even more mental stress), but found another specialist in Philadelphia that was even willing to see me on a Saturday! Long story short, I had old MRI films from 12 years ago (lucky find in my basement after tearing it apart), and it was there back then, but never spotted. It is still there. It is the same. I have migraines, but can learn to treat them with the help of my neurologist. I have a cyst in my brain which is bigger than most (most of us have them, some are just larger than others), and will keep monitoring it to ensure that it does not grow or become malignant. I feel soooo much more at ease and my life is back. By the way, I now call it "spot" and brag that mine is bigger than others.

Basically, I don't want you to be scared and mentally paralyzed like I was. In the words of the specialist I saw "Enjoy life."

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