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not nesscessarily,i had an anerysm with just plain wierd neuro 'feelings" in my head,no real headaches to speak of.when that little sucker possibly bursts,THEN most people will report having "the worst headache of my life" but unless there is an aneurysm in just that "right' spot,headaches might or might not actually be there.

i was sent for an MRA(which by the way would be a pretty definitive test for you to have)because of changes in some normal feelings(paresthesias?) i now have in my face that was due to spinal cord damage,that was MY leading symptom.i have polycystic kidney disease which for some reason,makes me at much higher risk for actually developing anerysm only because people with this particular type of kidney disease are just born with much weaker vessel it would be easier for me to actually develop an aneurysm.but i was not having real headaches,maybe a twinge or two but nothing really to even mention.i just felt kinda spacey like and had two episodes(these were when my neurosugeon feels the aneurysm actually bulged and then once when it grew in size)where i was having like a 'heat' feeling at the back of my head,and just felt reallly really odd and kind of spacey.i slept with the phone on my chest those two nights just incase something? happened.of course my husband and kids were up north at our cabin on both occasions.but this is mostly what MY symptoms were,just wierd stuff in my head.

your symptoms 'could' possibly be stemming from what you were told by your doc,OR they could possibly be the presence of some sort of vascular malformation,such as an aneurysm or even what is called an AVM(arteriovenous malformation).the best way to actually see the arterys in the head is with the MRA i mentioned.tho your MRI was negative it also contains alot of structures that could be hiding an aneurysm.this was also my aneurysm only showed on the MRA not the MRI i had had about a month before only because mine was at a bend in the artery and also very close to a junction with another large artery.but it was there.the MRA only highlights the actual arterial structures and nothing else,so any malformations are much much easier to actually see.mine was like right there on that set of films.

i would defintely speak with your doc about obtaining an MRA.this would at the very least either rule it in or rule it out as apossible would be pretty sure either way using the is done the same exact way as an MRI,the only difference in the test is what the techs do at their end,everything you do is the exact same as when you had that MRI,just lying there in the "tube'.thats all there is to it.and if there is any questionable results,they can be confirmed either way by whats called a three tesla scan? also done the same exact way a the standard MRI.or with an angiogram,but this test would involve an interventional radiologist and a much more in depth procedure.i would seriously doubt that you would ever have to actually have one unless there was indeed a confirmation of an aneurysm or other malformation,so don't even worry about that one.

considering your current situation,i would highly suggest having at least the MRA,this way you would know with almost 100 percent certainty.just have a heart to heart with your doc about this test.hopefully he will want to have this done,if for no other reason,to ease YOUR mind and also rule this out for sure.honestly,you just never know what the heck is going on inside a particular body part til you can actually visualize it in some way.

i do wish youi luck in that they can identify the problem soon.i do know what its like just hangin in limbo while trying to find a Dx of some freaky symptoms.please let me know how things go for you.Marcia
[B][CENTER][/CENTER]Hi, I'm new here, didn't know where to post, etc... but I saw some of my similar problems, so I thought I'd post. I had a wierd sensation on the top/back of my head for about a week. Kind of a numb sensation, a little tingling... no real pain, so I wasn't truly freaking out but thought it was odd after a week. So I went in to my Dr after a week. While sitting in the waiting room, the back of my neck got really hot and when I got in the room and told the lady I was there for "wierd headaches", she said, "Oh, and do you know you have a fever?". I didn't, and the back of the neck thing had JUST started in the waiting room. The Dr. gave me antibiotics and tension headache medicine. None of those worked so I returned in several days. The pain in the back of my head had gotten a bit worse and some hot pain was radiating up to my head. I walked around trying to keep my head still. The second Doc helped a bit more, a more detailed look into symptoms etc. Sent me for a Cat Scan. Didn't think much of it. Got the phone call... small spot on left base of brain, don't worry, we'll send you for MRI. Got the MRI, I'm thinking brain tumor or aneurysm... they call again and say the Dr. wants to see me. Oh Sh** I think. I'm 31 years old, with 2 kids, one only 3 years old. Well, I didn't expect what I heard so I didn't have much reaction. He says, you've had a stroke, but you're ok and the damage is already done. I was in disbelief, still am. I had NO risk factors for such a thing... well, it's 3 days later now and I have the head/neck symptoms again and am freaking out. I went to the Dr. but he can't answer my questions... I am waiting and waiting on a referrel to a neurologist. I am being pro-active and calling, but it's really taking them forever. If I was told that these current symptoms were an AFTER affect of the stroke, I'd be far more relieved, but I'm just worried that it will happen again, after all... one never knows. I mean, who would think at 31 I would have a stroke with no risk factors??? So I'm doing the waiting game just as most of you are. If anyone can help with anything in my situation, let me know and I will do the same for you! But MOST IMPORTANTLY... listen to your body, and what it tells you and watch out for your brain tricking you; I know, it happens to me too. If I had not gone to the Dr. I would have never known about the stroke.... I had NO serious pain, headaches, etc. Thanks for listening, Kristin [/B]

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