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I have to admit, the past month has been like hell for me. I've been to the ER twice, and the doctor's about 10 times. I've had bloodwork done about 5 times, tons of EKG's, an echocardiogram, a brain MRI, a PFT test, chest x-rays, and a neck x-ray. But, even after all these tests coming out fine with nothing life threatening- I'm still scared. What I've been diagnosed with are: muscle spasms and muscle tightness around my neck and the back of my head, mild regurge in a certain valve in my heart (which the doctors said is nothing to worry about at all), a cyst in my sinus, and just today- an inner ear infection.

I'm a 17 year old, I am obese but in the past 3 weeks I've been losing weight at a good pace. I dont drink, smoke, or do drugs. All those test I had done came out normal, but I still feel like crap.

My symptoms have been: some sharp burning pains in my head (which the doctors said could be caused from pinched nerves), little pulsing feelings in my forehead and other areas of my head (I am not sure if this could be my blood pumping through a clogged up artery in my head or just my muscles twitching a little. If anyone knows could you please respond?), waking up with the back of my head numb, a tenderness feeling in my head, and recently an uneasy, off-balance feeling. All of these things come and go, they are not constant. I haven't had any headaches or vomitting at all.

If I did have an artery blockage in my head, wouldn't I be getting headaches? Wouldn't the MRI and bloodwork, etc. have picked up on at least [I]something[/I] if there was a blockage or aneurysm, etc.? I'm just very scared, paranoid, and anxious and I dont want my life to end at such an early age. Please help if you can.
[QUOTE=feelbad]well,at least it is sounding more hopeful.i know getting in to see any specialist can take for ever,that part really does suck.hopefully your primary doc can just refer you for the MRA himself/herself then you would know whether or not you actually need that neuro appt or not.

the only people who actually have any sort of problem with the contrast are someone who may be allergic to any shell fish(they use some relation to like squid ink or something bizarre like that)but there are other forms of die they use too,it all depends on the type of testing needed and where.the other people who this can be a problem for are people like me who actually have some sort of kidney disease,they just have to drink this really crappy stuff called mucomyst the day before and the day of the procedure to protect the diseased kidney.but in a heathy person with good kidneys(which i am assuming you are)this poses absolutely no problem whatsoever.just those with a confirmed kidney disease with out of range labs,particularly the creatinine.even tho my creatinine is still within the normal range(thank god) my neph still has me use it since i have to have routine angiograms all the time to check on my aneurysm.but you should have no problems at all.

believe me,if you actually had an aneurysm burst,you would most definitely know is beyond excruciating,even moreso than even the worst migrane you can don't start worrying about little headaches you may get from time to time from just everyday stressors.this is a very distinct headache and you would know in an instant just what i am talking about,really.its that bad.

i know having to actually wait is really sucky but try not to dwell on things to overly much since you really don't know anything yet.i know thats easier said than done but it can be done,trust me.i have spent more freakin time in a holding pattern waiting to see the "next' speacialist than you can even will get thru the time just the meantime,try and do other things just to try and keep your mind some searching on the net to try and find different techniques you can use to help you relax and stay focused on things other than what may or may not be going on in your head.there are alot of different ways to try and relieve anxiety and stress,believe me,you are not alone in feeling that,i think just about everyone suffers from stress and anxiety to some degree and some even much much worse than what you have stated here.deep breathing excercises,going for walks in the woods(used to be my favorite til my spinal cord injuries put that to a halt now)basically,just find something you like to do and spend more time doing it.reading is a good one if your into it.i am sorry i can't help you further with all of that but unfortunetly,there are limitations.hopefully this test can be done thru your regular doc and you can quit worrying and stressing.just use this time to try and learn better ways of handling things.thats what i have been doing since my world changed over three years ago.if i can do it,you can too,trust me.keep me posted on how things are going McG.hang in there,Marcia[/QUOTE]

Once again, thank you so much. Your very encouraging and reading your posts makes me feel good.

I was just scared that I could've had an aneurysm that had bursted and that I could drop dead at any second, but I haven't even had a migraine for the longest time and I can't remember it being that bad either. The thing that scares me is the little vibrations and pains I get in my head, but theres a part of me that thinks they could just be from my sore muscles in my neck/head, because I dont get any sort of migraine pains when I feel them. I'm going to the doc's on Monday to ask about the MRA.

One other question I had was- if you had a blockage in your blood stream, would it be causing you to feel vibrations or twitches like I am, or is it not even possible to "feel your blood"?

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