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hey mc G,try having your mom read what we have posted here and see if she wont change her mind.this really IS a very important test for you to have just to at the very least,either rule it in or out and to mostly ease your mind.the constant anxiety is not good for you at all and can lead to other problems.this IS a needed test.good luck

kristin,wow that is a pretty young age to have a stroke,is there a family histroy of any type of high blood pressure or other risk factors that would make you more at risk for this?i know it can 'just happen" in some people.the girl who sang on our wedding many many years ago actually died from a sudden stroke and she was only 19 for gods sake.unbelieveable,but you just really never know what in the heck is going on in anyones blody til either something just happens or it is accidently found while being tested for something else.this was how my cavernoma(a vascular malformation)was actually found in my spinal cord.i was just getting a routine MRI to find out which of my c spine discs was herniated,while i did find out i had a herniated c 6-7,they also found this little 'glowing' glob inside of my cord.

you couldn't be more right about listening to your body tho.while my aneurysm was actually forming i was experiencing all kinds of head wierdness,some just like yours actually.that 'heat" feeling up the back of my neck thru my head was really my biggest symptom.but in my particular case because of rather extensive spinal cord damage which also damaged my sympathetic nervous system and some cranial nerves,i have been getting some really over the top neuro crap everywhere inside of my body,so when the head crap actually happened,i just kind of chalked it up to the rest of the crap i get like on a daily basis.i never really had any real headaches from my aneurysm either.that was odd.the only reason my NS sent me for the MRA was the changes in some facial crap that was getting worse.tingling and numbess and things with my sensory.i NEVER expected an aneurysm.nebver.i don't even have any sort of high blodd pressure issues.

i DO feel for does sound tho like things didn't get hit too severely tho and honestly things could be much much worse.i am thankful for what i still have and what i am still able to still do,but it does depress the hell out of me from time to time.

just a suggestion here,but if you really are having to wait so incredibly long just to actually see a flippin neuro,just go to the ER.they will have you evaluated by a neuro may be a bit more extreme,but at least you will be seen really should have an MRA done to thoroughly check out ALL of the arterial structures inside of your brain,espescially since you now have had a need to find out at what risk level you are at for further may have weaker blood vessels than the average,this is my main problem with the vessels.i have whats called polycystic kidney disease and for some reason,people who have this type of kidney disease are just born with naturally weaker blood vessels.don't know just why that is,but it puts me at a 4 percent higher risk.thats why my NS sent me for the MRA in the first place,just to make sure that an aneurysm wasn't the cause of my sudden changes.and wow,there it was.but you DO need to have that MRA done.maybe thay can do this at the ER?? just a thought.just go there and explain your current symptoms and what you really feel may be going on.they will hopefully take it from there.please let me know how you are doing,K?i wish you lots of luck Kristin.marcia

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