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Hi there. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter.

I think now is the best time to take her for tests, most importantly an MRI of the brain. I have headaches every single day, which range anywhere from very dull ones, to pressure, all the way to stabbing cluster headaches. This happens to me because I have a malformation at the base of the brain known as Arnold Chiari 1 Malformation. This, and hopefully is not, are one of the many brain disorders someone can have. I am not saying she has it. I do not get fever and chills, but I do sometimes get a little lightheaded in the car. I know it's tough, but try not to think of the worst! I do that all the time and it makes me a wreck! She's going to be fine, hang in there. Keep in touch, please. I am interested to know how your daughter and you and your wife are doing.

Best wishes, Nick.

My Chiari Symptoms, also anxiety related..(Symptoms in bold are most frequent/bothersome)

[B]Headache (Pressure-Cluster)[/B]
[B]Sore throat[/B]
Blurred vision
Neck soreness
[B]Cracking/popping sounds in neck[/B]
Jaw pain
Ear pain
Fullness in ears
Vertigo when getting up from sitting or laying down
[B]Anxiety[/B] (Could also be a factor to my symptoms)
Tingling in head, legs, or arms
Pressure behind eyes
[B]Trouble adjusting to light change[/B] (even on cloudy days)

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