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I am really glad we could help mona,really.i DO know what its like to have the godawful neuro crap from hell and no actual explanation for it.there are just sooo many nerves within that c spine that do different things and also some of them along with the actual spinal tracts,govern like all body system functions.if you happen to also have any sort of sympathetic nervous system affectation anywhere,this could really explain alot of your ongoingsymptoms.

seeing a new NS who has totally different experiences than your current one would honestly be your best bet here as far as actually getting anywhere.the one you are currently seeing quite honestly SHOULD be helping you to find the reasons for your ongoing symptoms,not just telling you that your c spineis not the issue and to wait for that disc to reabsorb itself.yes,in some cases that will happen,i mean its possible,but quite honestly,given the other issues you have,well,they require a totally different treatment approach that for some reason,your current doc just does not appear to even want to address for you or try and help you to deal with.

just getting that second opinion i think will help you to see things from a totally different perspective than you are currently getting.just go into that very first appt and tell him or her that i am going crazy here and i need answers, and a doc who is willing to help me to try and do that.if you come in with that type of additude the doc will see that you are dead serious and not going to play little head games.showing them right at the get go that you are sick and tired of being yanked around by your last doc and are wanting their help will help you alot in the long run.make yourself more than just another just desrve to know whats going on inside your own body.pretty simple in theory.

i did alot of my own "detective work" on the net just trying to find the reasons for all of the off the wall freaky crap that my body started to show after my spinal cord was injured.thats when i really found out about the spinal tracts and what theydo and how they are affected when injured.i actually have three damaged spinal tracts.when i started looking at what these tracts actually did,wow,what an eye opener it was.some of my most freaky symptoms were stemming from just the tract damage alone.the biggie here for me is mostly coming from whats called the spinothalamic tract which controls your sense of temp(i can no longer tell the difference between hot and cold or feel surfacy type of pain anymore)it is also the holder of the pain pathway that every even tiny pain signal has to go thru to reach the actual pain receptors inside the brain.since my cavernoma sat right in the middle of this tract,well the overall damage was pretty extensive.i now have what my NS called 'deranged pain signals" all of the signals that pass thru there now are all "deranged' i even will have delayed pain?when i tore the meniscus in my knee that has the RSD,i did feel some level of pain right after it but it got a bit better as the day wore on but all of the sudden,two full nights later,at 2;00 am,while sound asleep,i awoke to one hell of a nightmare of exploding pain inside my knee from that injury that happened two days took that long for that particular pain signal just to finally reach the receptor inside the brain.that was the most ***arre thing i ever experienced,and i have experienced some pretty off the wall crap.unfortunetly,once your spinal cord becomes permanently injured,there are tons of secondary crap that just will hit you out of no where as a certain amount of time passes and things change inside the damaged area within the cord.i wouldn't wish this kind of hell on my worst enemy.

sorry to ramble on there Mona.but make that appt as son as possible since it always takes like forever to actually get in to see any new just deserve much better treatment and care from another doc who is actually trying to help his patients.hopefully you will find one of the good ones out always,keep us posted.good luck,marcia

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