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Re: What happened?
Sep 22, 2006
i would think that by now they would have done much more in depth testing on her brain.there are many many more much more definitive types of tests availiable to help Dx brain issues.i think your best bet would be to actually see a good neurologist for a full neuro eval and also more in depth testing.a CT will NOT pick up any soft tissue types of issues or aneurysms that may be forming and possibly pushing up against a nerve.also whenever the arteries in the head actually expand,it can hurt like hell.thats what makes migranes so incredibly painful and throbbing.

could you explain her headaches in just a bit more detail?like are they always only on one side of the head?anything that she does appear to trigger the headachesor is she having one constant non stop headache?do they currently have her on any sort of anti migrane meds,and if so,are they helping at all.if there not,chances are this is not migrane we are taliking about.

getting the better more detailed types of brain scans really would be the best way to try and determine just what may be triggering the headaches.having an MRI/MRA would tell alot or rule out alot just those two alone and there are others too.the MRA would tell with pretty high accuracy just whether or not she actually has an aneurysm.the only way an aneurysm would have shown up on that CT would be if it had can detect new and old bleeds extremely well but unfortunetly cannot look at the vessels MRA simply highlights all the arterial structures within the brain.this is the only way my aneurysm actually showed up.

you really need to find the trigger of the headaches in order to try and treat the pain in the best way possible.i would speak with her primary doc about having a rather emergent(emergent only because of the severe pain she is suffering)referral to a neuro as soon as possible,the doc can actually make that phone call himself to speed things up,otherwise it can be quite a lengthy wait to get in to see any actual specialist within even a month or the meantime,her primary really needs to be appropriately treating her pain.she deserves that much and legally,her doc HAS to. shouldn't have to suffer.i do hope you can find out soon just whats up here.

i know from just way TOO much experience with my youngest son how horrible it is to have to watch our kids suffer.sending you a big 'mommy' hug from someone who knows how you are feeling.good luck,and PLEASE let me know how she is doing,K?Marcia

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