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Hi, I this is my first post and wanted to see if their was anyone that could offer any sugestions in dealing with and getting proper treatment for my continueing pain in my neck, upperback,raidiating down my left arm and into my two middle fingers, which intensifies with repetious lifting, extended sitting,or standing and is realived some what by lying on my side,not back or stomach.This havs been going on since an on the job cervical strain injury in 9/2000.In 2001 I was sent to a neruoligist to rule out Ms do to my symptoms,the Mri showed no leision to indicate MS,but did show minimal buldgining annalus fibrosis posteriorly at c6-c7 and c7-t1, and broad based protrusions at T3-T4,T4-T5,T5-T6,a lipoma at occiptial bone and no evidence of nerve root compromise,further testing revealed spinal tap elevated IGG,and abnormal nerve conduction studies MS was almost ruled out,In 2002 my neruoligist reffered me to physical therapy for traction to see if that would relieve my symptoms otherwise I would need surgery to aleviate nerve pain.The idea of surgery bothered me so I put it off (hoping everthing would heal.)In january of 2006,I got frustreated dealing with the pain and and modifyied lifstyle,the burning pain and weekness had now spread to the outside left leg and top of foot.I had another MRI in 1,2006that showed no changes.In 9/2006 I was refered to a new neruoligist (my first one retired)The Mri in 9/2006 showed a new protruding disc at c3-c4 that is indenting my spinal cord, and a new hemangioma at T1, and 5 more leisions in my frontal lobe, not in a charistic pattern for MS,everything else is retelivly unchanged,he did a NCS and EMG on my lower arm,wrist and fingers while I was lying down,told me everything was normal and related to aging (I am 50). I am concerned that it is not normal and that his testing was not as high of quailty as my old neruoligist who also tested my upper arms and did the test while I was sitting.Would this make a difference in emg and NCS results?
Prior to my injury I was doing a job that required heavy lifting and twisting of my upper back,I have not done this type of since the injury.Since the MRI has been reletivly unchanged since 2002 I was wondering if I may have suffered torn facet joints in cervical spine that were undiagnosised,and that caused caused the protruding discs.I am also woried that If I have another injury of accident that the protrusion in C3-C4 will further compamise my spinal canal.Could the protrusion of C3-C4 be a factor in the burning pain that progresed into my left leg and is causing deep beathing pain in my neck and sholders that started in 2/2006? Im sorry this Is so long but Im getting impatient with this,so I wanted to see if others had a similar problem and were able to help with their input. Thanks:blob_fire

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