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Hey Guys,

I just wanted to comment on Oneultimategirls post. I too have tried Xanax at various dosages including dosages at higher levels. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work. In fact, it seemed to make my brain fog worse at times. Im not sure if brain fog or its formal medical term is listed as a side effect to taking Xanax (if it is it would be pretty stupid for my doctor to have prescribed me it knowing my problems...) but like I said before, my doctor has informed me that it is not a side effect of Paxil. None of this of course means Xanax wont work for you at a different dose or at the dose you are currently on after some time...As always I will keep you all updated on my paxil and aspartme free regime (things were good again today). Please do the same with whatever courses of action you're taking. If we keep trying, one of us is bound to figure this out.
Hello, I have similar issues to yours. I know it's been several months and wanted to see if you've improved still. I do have OCD and have had some stress. My symptoms first started in spring 05 when I was driving, only.
Then came back Sept 06 with more strength. I've had every blood test and scan out there I think and seen several specialists. The brain fog feels constant now and worries me. My psychiatrist has suggested Xanax but I've only used it for panic attacks not on a daily basis. Please tell me how you're doing now.

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